Highly visible and innovative, creating instant awareness about specific
events to the people commuting on the roads.


VMS Introducing our revolutionary Smart City VMS (Variable Message Sign), a highly visible and innovative solution designed to create instant awareness about specific events for people commuting on the roads.  Our Smart City VMS offers easy customization options, allowing authorities to display tailored messages that align with specific events or situations. Whether it's displaying alternative routes, Travel times, weather updates, or public service announcements, this VMS enables quick and flexible message customization for optimal communication with road users. It provides real-time data on weather conditions, air quality, and other environmental factors. It can be easily connected to compatible devices and systems, such as traffic management systems or smart city infrastructure, enabling synchronized messaging and intelligent control. This integration ensures that the VMS operates as part of a cohesive ecosystem, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness in managing urban mobility. Support for industry-standard protocols, ensures compatibility and interoperability with existing infrastructure and systems. This facilitates easy integration into the existing smart city framework, streamlining operations and maximizing the value of the VMS. It offers multilingual support, enabling messages to be displayed in multiple languages. This ensures inclusivity and effective communication with a diverse population, and promoting road safety and awareness for all.



Our product offers innovative solutions to meet your needs and seamlessly connect your device to various networks and devices,
enabling easy data transfer and integration with other smart devices.

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Fully Customizable and Programmable

Send custom content like videos , text , images , advertisements etc. to different VMS locations as per situation.

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Travel Time Information

Get real time updates about traffic routes , congestion and travel time through out your journey

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Real Time Updates

Integrated with various centralized systems and emergency response data sources for real time information of all types like weather, air pollution etc.

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Parking Information

VMS provides real-time parking availability information to avoid congestion or traffic jams.

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Advertisements and Branding

In order to reach individuals without access to mainstream media, VMS is utilized to display advertisements , city events and branding

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Centralized Control and Monitoring

Multiple VMSs are connected and controlled via central software and server. The devices are monitored for fault diagnose like system failure , power failure , link breakage etc.

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Fully Automated

Without having to intervene manually , the system can operates through automatic command control.

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Configurable Schedular

Transmits the content at pre defined schedules on day/date/weekly basis

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Safe And Secure

User access management for securing the system from unauthorized access.

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Multi-lingual Support

Highly versatile sign supports all the regional languages makes the sign more user friendly.

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Ultra Low Power Consumption

With Auto brightness control sensors, display can switch to low power consumption mode as and when required

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Certifications and Compliances

The sign is in compliance with FCC and CE and certified with BIS



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