Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Highly visible and innovative, creating instant awareness
about specific events to the people commuting on the roads.

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Viewed by millions of eyes every day and guiding millions of motorists back home safely every day, Photonplay is contributing its part to humanity in its own way by enhancing road and traffic safety. Photonplay’s outperforming VMS signs are highly reliable and rugged components of the traffic management ecosystem for motorways, tunnels, and urban traffic management systems.VMS are typically made of durable materials, such as aluminum or steel, and they are equipped with bright LED lights that can be seen from a long distance. Traffic managers can easily and quickly update the information displayed on the signs because they are controlled remotely. Around the world, variable message signs (VMS) now play a significant role in traffic control.

Here are some specific ways that our VMS can be used to improve road safety:

  • To warn drivers of upcoming roadwork, accidents, or other hazards. This could motivate drivers to slow down and use caution, which can help avoid accidents.
  • To direct traffic around road closures or other obstructions, which can help maintain traffic flow and avoid congestion.
  • To display speed limits or other speed restrictions that can aid in lowering speeding, which is a key contributor to accidents.
  • To provide drivers with real-time traffic updates, such as delays or road closures. Drivers can use this information to plan routes and stay clear of traffic.
  • VMS is a valuable tool for improving road safety. By providing drivers with timely and accurate information, VMS can help prevent accidents, reduce congestion, and keep motorists safe.

VMS Series

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Special Applications

Variable signs for special needs in work zones safety and speed calming applications






Smart Cities

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VMS as the most visible product on an ITS Road, Design and aesthetics are on the most important part along with the functionality, hundreds of designs to choose from. Free Consultation on Gantry design and approvals by our dedicated team of CAD engineers

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Answer: To effectively communicate with drivers, variable message signs (VMS) provide real-time updates and provide traveler information such as incidents, travel times, deviations, special occasions, and current road conditions.

Answer: A digital road sign, often referred to as a variable message sign, is an electronic traffic indicator that displays dynamic data. It is used to alert drivers of cars in motion to current traffic conditions and passing events.

Answer: A VMS road sign serves as an electronic display that shows changing traffic information and dynamic LED signs to provide important safety or educational messages to drivers and pedestrians. VMS can display text, images, or a combination of both.

Answer: VMS stands for Variable Message Sign, conveying real-time traffic information.

Answer: Permanent and portable VMS are the two main types of VMS. Both of these varieties come in an array of sizes that suit a range of applications, including text-based, graphic-based, and LED matrix signs.

Answer: VMS is used on roads, highways, and urban areas to inform drivers about traffic conditions.

Answer: Examples of VMS include signs displaying roadwork warnings, speed limits, and traffic updates.

Answer: VMS works by remotely displaying a variety of messages, such as road closures, diversions, speed restrictions, and traffic updates.

Answer: The benefits of VMS include smoother traffic flow, less congestion, and increased road safety.

Answer: The term "VMS" in access control refers to a "video management system" that controls surveillance cameras and recordings.

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