Walk-In Dynamic Message Signs

Easy of Maintenance. Rugged Operations

With the walk-in type VMS, reduces the overall investment, make sure the riders to be upto date with vital traffic information throughout the year with a 24 hours of reliable operation.


  • Easy and Safe access for maintenance.
  • No.1 in Safety with OSHA 1926.502(d)(15) for fall arrest safety.
  • Intelligent ventilation with auto temperature level facility.
  • NEMA Enclosure with Lens based front surface with industry’s best contrast ratio.
  • Polycarbonate (both side UV) type construction technique with from high strength marine grade Aluminium surface.
  • Remote troubleshooting with Pixel fault detection and health feedback at the control room.
  • Customisable Size, and pixel configuration
  • All color options available
  • In Compliance with industry standards like NTCIP 1203 v02, AASHTO, D1.2-97 Welding Standard (Aluminium), UL, and FCC

VMS/DMS signs are hi-tech communication device, designed to operate in harsh conditions, from salty coastal winds, hot dry winds of middle east to humid and extremely cold conditions such as Iceland and Alaska.

VMS/DMS sigs are the key components of modern ITS road, used for instant messaging to the road commuters for critical informations like Safety messages, weather warnings, road closures, men at work or any useful information in order to take the commuters home safely. This is the main information source for informations like emergencies, incidents ahead or any natural emergencies like tornados etc.

The messaging is basically control from integrated ITS systems from the control room via wired or wireless communication media.

VMS/DMS signs are developed to integrate with platforms like Scada etc for tunnels and roads. Compatibility with standard NTCIP makes it a universal ITS equipment to work with any platform compatible with NTCIP developed by any system integrator in the world.

Alternatively smaller scale integrations can be easily performed via the relay inputs. In order to boost the reliability of the products, is equipped with the high features like Pixel Fault detection, Automatic temperature control, auto dimming, door sensors and alarms, self diagnostic features

Software Suites

Photonplay VMS Management suites are atomic platform to manage and maintain the VMS product range, in compliance with the industry standards and protocol such as NTCIP. Allows hundred of VM signs to work on 4G network, TCP/IP connectivity as well as Optical fibre communication lines.

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Model Specifications

Compare DMS/VMS models and download the details specifications and cut sheets

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Lens Based VMS/DMS

Knowledge Centre

Know more about the VMS/DMS technology, learn basics of VMS and application. whats new in VMS technology.

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Lens Based VMS/DMS


Our VMS DMS series of products are compatible with standard NTCIP protocol as well as Photonplay SignCom standard protocol

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Lens Based VMS/DMS

Load Analysis

Our Team of experts simulate the gantry designs to withstand extreme wind-load and other dynamic parameters to insure the

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