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At Photonplay, we believe that practicing and promoting ethical behaviour is informing a healthy administration and work culture. Honesty and integrity starts from the management and give a constructive vibrations among the whole infrastructure and strengthen the positivity among the clients and consumers too.

Photonplay’s Code of Conduct on Ethics and Business addresses each and every business formal and informal communication within the organisation, and gain in confidence among the consumers.

The Code of Conduct elaborates the standards of mutual and out of organisational communication and behaviour that Photonplay expects from its Emplyees in their daily business practices dealing with other employees and customers as well. It also enforces the basic principles to help them make business decisions with a strong influence of Photonplay business terminology.

The Code in Your Language
Photonplay’s code of conduct is published in 15 different languages. Please select your language below to download a soft version of the Code of ethics and business ethics.

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Photonplay code of conduct

led variable message signs


Our basic goal as a technical group is to simplify the business and serving the respective industries and considering the financial goals as secondary, We always aims to improve the quality of life on this planet equally for all communities.

Our approach to give returns to mankind what we earn created a trust in part-ners, customers, consumers and employees.

Vision 2020

Taking account on past growth rate, by 2020, 6% of the total world’s population will experience Photonplay’s commitment to considerably enhancing the quality of life of people enveloped with Photonplay in any means like customer, partner, consumers.

Till 2020, as a outcome Photonplay will be in the list of 100 most respected corporate and employer globally.

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