iCop R1200
iCop R1200
iCop R1200
iCop R1200
iCop R1200
iCop R1200
iCop R1200
iCop R1200
iCop R1200
iCop R1200
iCop R1200
iCop R1200
iCop R1200
iCop R1200

Radar Speed Sign

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Comes with multiple power option such as Standalone Salar powered operations.
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Radar Speed Sign | iCop R1200

| 2 Years Warranty

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Upgrade road safety with our iCop R1200, an advanced radar speed sign that’s all about keeping the community as safe as possible. This sign has multiple and versatile power options, including standalone solar-powered operations. Its 7-segment display, 320mm digital size, and amber color ensure clear visibility for everyone, whether day or night.

This radar speed sign consumes a thoughtful power consumption of 90Wh during the day and 35Wh at night, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. Crafted with precision, it has a 50W solar panel and 12V, 18.7Ah batteries. Easy to install with a weight of 14 kg, this iCop R1200 radar speed sign is a beacon of innovation for building safer neighborhoods.

It uses clever radar technology to accurately show how fast vehicles are moving within a range of 120 meters. This helps keep an eye on things, makes driving safer, and lowers accidents by encouraging everyone to pay attention to speed limits.


Power Options

AC Power 100~ 240 VAC
Solar Power 50w Solar pack (with battery)


Speed Digits Amber, Two digit, each 12" x 7" wavelength: 592nm
Pixel size 12mm
Viewing angle 30
Strobe 47mm diameter, WHITE
Display area 304.8mm(H) x 386mm(W) Anti-glare black background for high visibility. UV Display area Stabilized polycarbonate Lexan sheet
Pixel formation Focused PMMA Lens on SMD LED
Brightness control Ambient light sensor inbuild for Automatic brightness control
Face plate Prismatic reflective sheet with "YOUR SPEED" text in black letter. Face plate Visibility Using MUTCD approved colors and text
Visibility 200meter to 300meter

Technical Specifications

Communication 430mm(H) x 498mm(W) x 146mm(D) (without lock and hinge)
Operating temperature -40°c to 80°c (-40°f to 175°f)
Software Mobile app, Cloud application


Unit alone 430mm(H) x 498mm(W) x 146mm(D) (without lock and hinge)
Units with Face plate mounted 730mm(H) x 498mm(W) x 150mm(D)
Solar panel 581mm x 509mm x 30mm Corrosion resistance aluminium Frame
Box Package 35" (H) x 24"(W) x 12"(D)
Weight Solar/AC (only sign) 14 kgs


Radar Type K-Band Doppler Radar (FCC approved)
Beamwidth 24° x 12°
Operating temperature -40°C to +80°c
Operating frequency 24.125 Ghz
Radiated power 20dBm
Detection range 125meter
Speed range 5 to 199 km/h, 3 to 125miles/h


Material High quality welded Aluminium, for strength and long life
Color White powdercoat on back, Black on front door
Lock Stainless steel latch locks (SS riveted)
Door mounting Corrosion resistance heavy duty hinges
Gland 2Outdoor rated, UV Stabilized Gland0dBm
Mounting Dual compatible: polemount and sign post mount
Mounting Hardware SS304 grade bolt/nut
IP Rating NEMA compliance weather proof enclosure
Gasket Dual weather gasket sealed compartment

Advance features

Advance scheduler: Schedules events by days, weeks and months dynamically
Smart Device Locator: Live Map to view all the device locations
Pro data Analysis: Advance traffic data analytics on cloud software
Centrally Controlled: Single point of connect for multiple signs
Inbuilt cell modem with 10 years of data (optional)
Stealth capture mode
Onboard data logging of 10 million records
Generate Alerts for specific events

Package Includes

Standard Radar Speed Signs

Solar Panel

Pole Mount

Our product offers innovative solutions to meet your needs and seamlessly connect your device to various networks and devices, enabling easy data transfer and integration with other smart devices.

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Traffic Data Analysis

Cloud based powerful tool for traffic data analysis

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24x7 Cloud Connectivity

All time access to the device

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Solar Powered

Makes the device cost effective

Battery Backup

Long battery backup increases operational hours

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Fully Compliance

Comply standard norms with other industries

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All Weather Operation

The sign operates efficiently in all the weathers

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Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions

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Easy Installation

Easy to handle and Install with efficient mounting fixture

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