A radar speed sign, also known as a radar speed display or a driver feedback sign, is a device that gives drivers real-time feedback on the speed of their vehicle. These signs are frequently put on roadways, mainly where speeding is a concern or speed limits must be enforced. Radar speed signs' main purpose is to encourage drivers to slow down and obey imposed speed limits, improving road safety.


The sign has all the standard features combined in one product to make it industry's best Radar Speed Sign. The sign acts like a Variable Message Sign to display graphics and text along with white Alert Flashing Lights . The sign acts as a Smart Traffic data collector and analyzer. It is a cloud controlled and highly secured Radar Speed Sign. Radar speed signs act as friendly guides on city streets, prioritizing our safety. Instead of punishing us, they gently encourage us to drive more responsibly. These signs can be set up in various places where safety might be a concern, like schools and busy spots. Radar speed signs, which are located on the rear of the sign, use radar technology to determine the speed of approaching vehicles by measuring the amount of time it takes for the radar signal to return. Studies have shown that radar speed signs can reduce average speeds by 10-20%. This can help prevent accidents caused by distracted or inattentive driving.
Radar speed signs may enforce speed limits, instruct drivers on good driving habits, and build a sense of community by boosting safety and awareness, in addition to being more affordable than alternatives like speed bumps or roundabouts. Controlling traffic on the road is the best way to improve safety. So, these signs aren't just about numbers—they're about helping us drive better, keeping everyone happy and safe, and being part of the cool technology that makes our cities smarter and our roads accident-free.

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Radar Speed Sign iCop1200
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Radar Speed Sign iCop1500
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Radar Speed Sign iCop1500M
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Radar Speed Sign iCop1800M
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iCop Series Features

Our product offers innovative solutions to meet your needs and seamlessly connect your device to various networks and devices, enabling easy data transfer and integration with other smart devices.

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Traffic Data Analysis

Cloud based powerful tool for traffic data analysis

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24x7 Cloud Connectivity

All time access to the device

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Solar Powered

Makes the device cost effective

Battery Backup

Long battery backup increases operational hours

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Fully Compliance

Comply standard norms with other industries

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All Weather Operation

The sign operates efficiently in all the weathers

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Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions

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Easy Installation

Easy to handle and Install with efficient mounting fixture

Multi Functional Display

Acts like a Messenger and a Speed Sign Full matrix-based Digital Speed Limit Sign with multi-functional display in 4 colors with high bright in-built warning FLASHING LIGHTS.

Option to display graphic content with custom-made and standard graphic library like "SLOW DOWN", "THANK YOU", "WORK ZONE", etc.

Option to display custom text messages like community notifications, traffic updates, etc.

Multi-color Electronic Speed Signs display with GREEN, RED and AMBER colour options.

White high bright flashing lights to alert the drivers, so one can never miss the attention


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Radar speed signs detect vehicle speed and show it on a digital sign using radar.

Radar speed indications are usually accurate to within 1-2 miles per hour.

Speed digital signs promote safe driving by displaying speed restrictions or vehicle speeds.

Radar speed limit signs display speed restrictions and warn drivers when they exceed them.

Radar technology is used to indicate the speed of your vehicle on speed display signs.

A speed control sign displays the area's specified speed restriction.

A speed flashing sign is one that flashes your current speed to warn you if you're going too fast.

Radar speed signs are excellent in getting cars to slow down and obey speed restrictions.

A driver feedback sign is a sign that gives drivers with real-time speed information.

Driver feedback signs can help reduce speeding and improve road safety.

Speed feedback indicators provide drivers with real-time speed information in order to encourage safe driving.

A driver feedback sign displays the driver's current speed, encouraging safer driving.

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