Bus Transit Signs

PIS/PAS for bus industry, designed to meet EU and American standards

Viewed by millions of eyes everyday, guiding way to millions of motorist to guide them back home safely every day, Photonplay is contributing its part to the humanity in it own way.

The product range starting from PIDS for bus stops and bus terminals, Bus Destination Signs, next stop display (GPS guided) and lot more

led destination signs

Led Destination Signs

Bus Destination Signs for Route information display
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destination signs boards

Bus Sign Controllers

Controllers for Bus destination signs with various applications
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bus route display

Next Stop Sign

On-board Display for next stop display using GPS technology
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digital signs

Bus shelter sign

Led Destination Signs for bus queue shelter and bus terminals
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Software Suites

Photonplay VMS Management suites are atomic platform to manage and maintain the VMS product range, in compliance with the industry standards and protocol such as NTCIP. Allows hundred of VM signs to work on 4G network, TCP/IP connectivity as well as Optical fibre communication lines.

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Model Specifications

Compare DMS/VMS models and download the details specifications and cut sheets

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Lens Based VMS/DMS

Knowledge Centre

Know more about the VMS/DMS technology, learn basics of VMS and application. whats new in VMS technology.

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Lens Based VMS/DMS


Our VMS DMS series of products are compatible with standard NTCIP protocol as well as Photonplay SignCom standard protocol

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Lens Based VMS/DMS

Load Analysis

Our Team of experts simulate the gantry designs to withstand extreme wind-load and other dynamic parameters to insure the

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DMS Technology 101

Expand your knowledge of the technology that drives Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) and the Intelligent Transporation Systems (ITS) industry

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