iCop High Runner is fully equipped , largest model in the series of portable variable message sign in our fleet. The sign supports full matrix display for text and graphics . This largest display is MTO approved and fully compliant with NTCIP. This product offers the most dependable, economical, and secure messaging sign available today by fusing state-of-the-art technology, energy-efficient design, and high-quality construction. These signs are built to withstand outdoor environments and rough handling during transportation. They are constructed with weather-resistant materials and protective casings to ensure longevity. It’s the perfect model to use in Highway Traffic management , construction zones etc.


Overall length – 5000 mm

Overall Width – 2350 mm

Operational Height - 4625 mm

Travelling Height – 3250 mm

Weight – 1132 kgs

Dimensions - 3270x2090 mm

Resolution - 1988x3169 mm

Matrix - 48 pixels wide, 28 pixels height, 1440 pixels

Font - Standard MTO - 2 font

Font size - 18.2 in. (462mm), 8x10 pixels per character

Batteries - 8

Capacity - 6V, 230Ah each

Solar Panel - 180W, 12V

Power Options - Solar/AC

Battery charger - 15A

Trailer: – All welded structural steel

Display cabinet: Aluminum sheet and welded channels

Finish: Powder coated and ovan-baked

Hydraulics: Hydraulics lift raises display cabinet, operated with toggle switch

Axle Capacity: 3500 lbs, 82” Round Tube, 4” Drop Trailer Axle

Tires: 15” Tyre with Overall Diameter: 27.5”, Capacity 1820 lbs each, Load Range: C (6-Ply Rating)




Cities and Counties
Highways Constructions
Ministry of Transportation
Smart Work Zones
Special Areas

Connectivity with Sign

We offer flexible and user-friendly signage access options . The sign can be accessed in multiple ways either from remote or from on site

On The Sign



Cloud Access

Near The Sign

Bluetooth Access

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