iCop City Guard-I is our mini high-definition full-matrix trailer-mounted portable changeable message sign. It features the NTCIP-compliant. The PVMS is the most compact unit in our line and provides a lot of flexibility with up to 5 lines of text and 18 characters per line. It’s the perfect model to use in urban areas, school zones, lower speed roadways, or for law enforcement, and special events. This unit combines cutting-edge technology, energy-efficient design and high-quality construction to provide the most reliable, cost-effective and safe to operate message sign


Overall length –  2477 mm

Overall Width
 – 1787 mm

Operational Height - 3408 mm

Travelling Height – 2348 mm

Weight – 628 kgs


Dimensions - 3270x2090 mm

Resolution -  926x1473

Matrix - 48x80

Font - MUTCD Compliance

Font size - 18.2 in. (462mm), 8x10 pixels per character


Batteries - 6

Capacity - 6V, 230Ah each

Solar Panel - 180W, 12V

Power Options - Solar/AC

Battery charger - 15A

Trailer: – All welded structural steel

Display cabinet: Aluminum sheet and welded channels

Finish: Powder coated and ovan-baked

Axle Capacity: 3500 lbs, 82” Round Tube, 4” Drop Trailer Axle

Tires: 15” Tyre with Overall Diameter: 27.5”, Capacity 1820 lbs each, Load Range: C (6-Ply Rating)




Cities and Counties
Highways Constructions
Ministry of Transportation
Smart Work Zones
Special Areas

Connectivity with Sign

We offer flexible and user-friendly signage access options . The sign can be accessed in multiple ways either from remote or from on site

On The Sign



Cloud Access

Near The Sign

Bluetooth Access

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