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highly visible and innovative, creating instant awareness of local speed limit


Viewed by millions of eyes everyday, guiding way to millions of motorist to drive them back home safely every day, Photonplay is contributing its part to the humanity in it own way by enhanced road and traffic safety.

The product range starting from Platform Displays for Metro trains, Concourse displays and big summary display charts for train information at a glance. Photonplay’s PIDs signs are highly reliable and rugged components of a Train Signalling system

Bus Destination Sign Board

Platform Display

Platform Display for upcoming train information displays

Passenger Information Systems PIDS

Concourse Display

Summary display to display all train data


LED Technology is always the best choice when it comes to passenger information displays due to its highest brightness to be visible in a sunny day, the long life (15 years) and power efficiency. LED RGB (full colour) devices provide flexibility to display content – any color, size and type font and format of the timetable.


PHOTONPLAY offers Train displays with custom shapes and sizes while keeping the quality parameter at first place. PHOTONPLAY follows the PIDS project from birth to end, Project needs to visualising the product feasibility, concept to actualising, until the creation of a prototyping, production and implementation.

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