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Group Technology Office (GTRO)

Photonplay’s first ever established was based on innovation and research & development, years of evolutions in administration expertise, innovation in display and communication sys-tems creates a team of highly equipped and capable execution professionals, research and development team leads, design and manufacturing spartans till date.

We keep on innovate business processes to continuously produce the value and flexibility giving a maximum compatible model for clients.

The Group Technology & Research Offices (GTRO), led by Dr. Bikramjit Singh Kaura, is totally responsible for all new innovation and technological introductions to Photonplay group companies. GTRO also comes into picture when introducing a new product or service into the market, the basic technical research and even production plan and future with the technologies.

Electronic Design

Hardware Design & prototyping

Software & Firmware Development

The GTRO also plans and provide education and training to the engineering teams involved in software and hardware processes across all photonplay group companies. GTRO guides the engineering teams expertise in managing development operations in scenarios like integrity between cross border and cross domain teams.

The goal is to control and synchronise innovation and technology with continuously delivering breakthrough solutions in the marketplace. On educational and technical compliance of all engineering teams working in all companies of the group. connecting innovative minds with the group as a progressiveness, coordinating with universities, and top educational institutions, executing motivational and talent hunting conferences.

  • Business Process Evolution: Our synchronisation with local universities and continuous research by research fellows and photonplay professionals has results us to develop a lean organisational processes and adopt the principles of the continuous improvement. this process helps us to analyse history and present effort & productivity graphs and minimising the movement. We are continuously keep on reducing the costs and increase in efficiency in order to leave a minimum carbon footprint and making businesses easy for small organisations to multinational firms.
  • Solution Innovation: Empowered with our two global GTOs(Group Technology Offices) our engineering wings, including software, electronic and mechanical engineers, integrated with our testing and simulation laboratory helps us to solve industry’s toughest technological challenges.

We at Photonplay understand the business needs from financial and technology point of view, so our Corporate techno-sales planning teams are always waiting to analyse and pro-pose a huge space of developing new solutions this world along with the set of market proven solutions and huge range of products and reaching every vertical, Road to railway, from LED to LCD, from web development to industry typical banking and finance solutions, and Software maintenance to turnkey project development, from a simple display to an integrat-ed system, we are waiting to meet your expectations.

To know more about our capabilities and technologies we work talk to one of our business expert info@photonplay.com.

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