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Radar Speed Signs: An Integral Part of Teenagers’ Driving Behavior

Radar Speed Signs: An Integral Part of Teenagers’ Driving Behavior

By Steve Admin August 20, 2020 07:37

Teaching teenagers to drive any vehicle or to sense what radar speed signs alongside the road indicate might be an extremely exciting experience for parents. However, they experience a storm of emotions, mixed feelings as well as anxiety on such an overwhelming occasion. While training your teenagers to drive, you need appropriate planning to lower down your anxiety levels as well as instil confidence in your young children. To carry it out successfully, you need to keep in mind some certain things which this blog discusses in details- 

Avoid integrating wrong diving practices in your teens’ behavior


Most of the new drivers, particularly teenagers, try to imitate the driving behaviors of those who have years of driving experience and expertise. This way, they integrate wrong diving practices in their driving behaviors. As a parent, you have to prevent them from doing so. Some parents are also in the habit of flaunting their way of adventurous driving while their teens are around. This type of driving behavior may lead to serious on-read threats for your children. If you as a parent are in the driver’s seat to help your teenagers learn how to drive well, then you must exhibit the skills of an ideal driver. This is because children also imitate their parents as far as their driving behavior is concerned. 

Make your teenagers learn what radar speed signs stand for


Taking display of a radar speed limit sign seriously is an integral part of defensive driving practice. Make your teenagers learn what these signs stand for. It is of immense significance because speed has been identified as one of the most dangerous risk factors in terms of on-road injuries as well as accidents. Speed kills more than 1.25 million people per year around the globe, and the count is increasing with each passing day. A Radar Speed Limit Sign is a very interactive sign made using a series of high-quality LED bulbs that very brilliantly exhibit vehicle speed as the drivers approach it. The principal purpose of these Radar Speed Signs is to calm the speed down by alerting the drivers going beyond the limits. 


Develop a meaningful conversational rapport with them


Teens are often not interested in lectures, particularly when you impart driving training to them. At this juncture, you have to develop an excellent and meaningful conversational rapport with them so that you can explain to them all driving-related hazards effectively. Train them to never drive beyond permitted speed limits, and it gets more important when weather conditions are not good. Additionally, wearing a seatbelt is also unforgettably necessary.  

 Mobile phones - the biggest driver distraction

There are a large number of driver distractions, but the use of mobile phones and other similar gadgets is of immense significance not only to the drivers but also to policymakers around the globe. Teens often are caught using gadgets like mobile phones and tablets while driving. This type of behavior can prove to be life-threatening to them. You as a parent make sure they don’t fall prey to this extremely wrong practice. As per the data collected and exhibited on different platforms, this type of behavior is increasing among the youth by leaps and bounds. Despite so many big-budgeted awareness campaigns and media attention aiming at decreasing such incidents, the statistics are on the rise.  


Some eye-opening facts about driving while using cell phones

  1.  Around 25% of car accidents in the United States take place due to texting while driving.
  2. Overall mobile phone use causes 1.6 million crashes, injuring more than 330,000 people every year. 
  3. Mobile phone use is responsible for one-third of total car crash fatalities. 

Therefore in the light of the same, you must be very particular about this aspect right from the very beginning as your teens set out for driving.  


Drinking and driving is the single biggest cause of millions of road accidents


Drinking and driving is the single biggest cause of millions of road accidents around the globe. Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in almost all countries of the world. Alcohol drastically impairs humans’ ability to make judgments and thereby making them fully unfit to operate any machine or drive a car. Teens below 21 are still in the stage of mental as well as physical development, and it’s a medically proven fact that alcohol affects the younger ones more than those who are fully grown up. 


Needless to say, habits are not developed in a day; it is a long process that comes to the surface when someone comes under its influence to the extent of addiction. As a parent, it is your prime and principal responsibility to have an eye upon your teens as they get ready to take a car or any other vehicle to the road.  


The Endnote 


It might be undoubtedly true that seeing your younger ones driving a car or any other vehicle is a greatly overwhelming experience. After all, they are getting ready to win life’s race while remaining ahead of others. But as they are in the last phase of their ‘teen’ years, they need your care, concern, and attention. Several parents get afraid while their teens get lured to cars and other vehicles. But they must remember that life from time to time needs change, and it is the only constant thing in life that always remains constant. 


Therefore, in place of keeping fear and various other apprehensions in your mind, you must impart good training in driving while explaining all aspects seriously and attentively. Be it the acknowledgement of a Radar Speed Limit Sign, safety belt, use of mobile phone, or consumption of any kind of alcoholic drink, they must be made to understand everything.    


As a parent, your responsibility doesn’t come to an end even when your teens have started driving well. You must keep a close watch upon their driving behavior in all possible ways. Keep making them learn the value of proper driving procedures including safety devices like radar speed signs as well as all possible preventive measures so that they can stay safe and protected on the roads.  

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