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Digital Speed Signs: The Key to a Safe Road Transport System

Digital Speed Signs: The Key to a Safe Road Transport System

By Steve Admin August 19, 2020 11:17

Digital speed signs are everywhere these days. Right from those that provide us with directions and orders, to those that give us warning of road threats while we travel on the road networks across the country. We come across almost hundreds of signs almost every day. 

Different types of billboards, hoardings, and even Digital Speed Limit Sign are now a common sight on the roadside nowadays. But, these speed signs have undergone a unique history, and what we see today was not always that way in the past. Before the 1960s, road signs had no specific format at all. What was there to serve the purpose included only direction signs and speed limit indicators along the highways. 

However, after the opening of several highways across the country and the growing number of accidents, it was realized that a certain format, as well as a standard of road signs, must be there on roads. As a result, certain transport designs and font styles were developed to create uniformity with the different signs on roads across the country. 

Now, with complete uniformity in the digital signs, the entire signage system is efficiently working as a tool to pass information as well as alerting the drivers. They not only ensure the on-road safety of those in the driver’s seat but also those who walk on or along the road. The future of a safe transport system can never be imagined without speed limit signs.  

One Device, Different Names

Digital Speed Limit Signs are referred to by a large variety of names that include the following:

  1. Driver feedback sign
  2. Radar signs
  3. Radar speed display
  4. Speed feedback sign
  5. Traffic calming sign
  6. Speed display board
  7. Vehicle Activated Sign (UK)
  8. Changeable message sign
  9. Your Speed sign
  10. Radar feedback sign
  11. Speed radar sign
  12. Dynamic speed display (DSDS) 
  13. Variable message sign.

Features and Functionalities

With the continual advancement in technology and the relentless willingness to improve them day by day, the new-age digital speed limit signs have witnessed a sea change while offering the following features and functionalities:

  1. Digital speed limit signs calm the traffic down by displaying the driver's current speed, and immediately notify them of the permitted speed limits in a particular area.
  2. The new-age digital signs are extremely lightweight, portable, and compact, and as a result, they can be deployed fast at multiple locations. 
  3. Their unique light-enhancing and anti-glare lens frameworks offer maximum visibility even under very low light conditions. 
  4. They are made to offer a high-tech interactive way of showing speeds of the vehicles while creating a database simultaneously.  
  5. These hi-tech signs are equipped with a programmable flashing strobe to send an immediate alert to the speeding drivers. 

Technical Specifications at a Glance 

  1. Radar Speed Sign is designed and developed with suitability for pole mounting to calm the traffic down
  2. Offers speed feedback with 12" LED High-Intensity Display.
  3. Can run on A/C electricity or optionally can be powered by a solar panel power system
  4. Standard flashing digit Violator Alert.
  5. Keyed ON/OFF switch
  6. 12 VDC operation, 12 VDC or 100-277 VAC, 50/60 Hz input
  7. Display protected by 3/16” smoked and non-glare finish
  8. Welded aluminium enclosure concealed mounting hardware
  9. Can accommodate almost all power sources such as Lithium battery, solar, AC, or trailer.

Getting Technologically Richer Day by Day 

With the penetration of the Internet into digital signs, the entire scenario is changing very rapidly. Recently, some of the noted companies have been successful in developing digital speed signs that have:

  1. Ability to get programmed with a Bluetooth PDA, smartphone or a desktop
  2. Ability to monitor statistics and display the sign on a pole, a particular vehicle, or a trailer.
  3. Ability to be electronically changed as per the change in circumstances in the road transport network. 

A Compliant Solution all the Way

The contemporary radar speed signs meet a comprehensive range of compliance requirements exactly in sync with various security and safety initiatives across the United States as well as Canada. These signs are cost-effective, need low maintenance, and are considered to be the best alternatives to the traffic lights, sidewalks, and speed bumps.  

These devices also solve problems related to the poor visibility of traffic signs and the need to keep in mind each traffic sign accurately as described in the Highway Code. Since they come with features like programmability, they can be easily changed electronically as and when needed, particularly during bad weather conditions, any change in road transport planning and management, and any change generated from the road conditions. 

In countries like the United States, China, India and Russia that have the widest road networks, imagination fails when we think of the scale of operations and the manpower required to install millions of traffic signposts. Many thanks to modern technology, things can be easily accomplished by making use of wireless radar speed signs. This revolution is going to help move modern society forward to actualize the concept of smart roads for future smart cities that are going to have-

  1. Electric vehicles with various environment-friendly features
  2. Flying drones
  3. Autonomous vehicles
  4. Well-connected cars
  5. Smart road intersections.

Areas of Applications

Digital Speed Signs prove their worth in the zones where educational institutions, hospitals, and other important establishments are located. They are very comprehensively installed and utilized on overly busy roads that go through densely populated areas. Some corporate campuses have also started using digital speed signs to calm the traffic down in their vast internal premises. To manage different types of trucks as well as forklifts, various plants are using these signs these days. Some residential societies are installing them at their own expense for the safety of their citizens.  


Digital speed limit signs offer crucial information to drivers as well as other common road users. They not only save the lives of those driving the vehicle, but also those using the road on foot. Neglecting their installation is dangerous for both car drivers as well as pedestrians. Maintaining order and reducing accidents, these speed limit signs are the lifeline of today's road networks across the globe. No smart road transport system can be imagined without these devices. 

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