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LED tickers – The Fastest Way to Disseminate Information

Public Safety is the prime concern for traffic management authorities. We have stringent rules and policies in place which ensure that the public is safe and adhere to the traffic rules, however, with the increased number of vehicles on road, problems like road rage, accidents, overspeeding etc. have become a common occurrence. The best way to cut down this is to integrate the manual efforts with technology and hence, we have the upsurge of Intelligent Traffic Management System wherein traffic authorities make use of tools like ticker tapes, VMS, radar speed signs etc. to control and manage the traffic flow.

Here we will be focusing on how LED ticker tape can be used to be a mode of display of public safety information. Ticker tapes have long been used but initially, they found space in the stock market, however, with time they evolved and got customized to be used in different forms and one of them being the information broadcast system.

What makes ticker tapes a utilitarian product?

LED ticker tapes are a multi-utilitarian product wherein they are used to display information with the help of LED lights. When these ticker tapes are connected to a local network, they start working in real-time and can be used to display various information.

Traffic authorities of many nations are making arduous efforts to make use of these ticker tapes. Schools and colleges also make use of these ticker tapes to disseminate important information and announcements. There are various other ways you can use ticker tapes:

  • At the hospitals and medical care centre they can be used to display information regarding the doctor’s visit, patient room number, information about various ward location , token number etc.
  • Ticker tapes also find application in the banks where they can be used to cut down the waiting period for the customers. Ticker tapes can be used to display information about banks, informative messages, stats and token status.
  • Stock ticker tapes are being used in schools and colleges, they have become especially very useful for creating a real-life broker house ambiance wherein students can learn about the dynamism of stock market and prepare to work accordingly.
  • Sports ticker tapes can be used during the sports events or they can be installed in house to create a perfect sports environment where you can keep yourself updated about the sports and matches.
  • They are also used in manufacturing units and plants where ticker tapes are used to scroll the information about the production status etc.
  • You can also find their widespread use in offices where they are used to display important information, greetings, messages etc.
  • They are also used at the airports, bus stations and railways to keep the passenger updated about the arrival and departure, delay and platform number etc. With just one device you can communication message to hundreds of people in one go.

To sum it up ticker tapes are highly variegated products which are used to satiate variegated needs of the clients.Their customizable feature and affordable pricing have made it an instant hit amongst the people. Irrespective of your project size and requirement, you can find a ticker tape that matches you need, requirements and budget.

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