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How variable message signs reduce road traffic and highway accidents

There are various signs on the road that helps to functionalize the usage of traffic and makes the system lesser vulnerable to an untoward incident. Variable message signs are the solutions to manage the dynamic traffic management in cities and highways in the entire world. It is powered by our engineering excellence and capabilities of software development.  Worldwide, it is known by different names. In the UK, it is called a matrix sign and is often abbreviated VMS, CMS or DMS. Such VMS signs help to avoid causalities like traffic congestion, accidents, incidents, roadwork zones and limits speed on a specific highway segment. VMS   signs are used in parking guidance and informatics systems to guide drivers to avail car parking spaces.

Why is VMS So Important?

Although, it was incorporated first in the system long before in around early 60’s. The current VMS system is largely deployed on freeways, trunk highways or in work zones. It is an internet-enabled mechanism that works on a few dedicated software. Photonplay offers the industry’s most flexible, robust capabilities and business intelligence tools built on a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure.

Our open team platform supports all major enterprise system and has core knowledge required for the industry. It drives into our integration capabilities.

Photonplay VMS boards are meant to give distinct information to users capable of displaying MUTCD graphics and arrow functions. It is tailor-made for current and growing demands of it in the customer oriented and leverage capabilities to customize solutions to suit end-user objectives, thus making us a trustworthy name.Dynamic Message signs are the large electronic signs which overhang or appear along major highways in many. It is depending on the traffic situation, the variable display information.

The system has no. of distinct features to offer as it provides high-grade components, rigid quality specifications and meticulous approach to ensure reliable performance.

There are a few certain features which offer customizable, VMS systems from Photonplay find applications in different areas. This custom built software allows operators to display messages in a variety of ways to get maximum attention and response.  It is highly robust, durable and low maintenance.

The message displays give a wide range of aspects to fulfill the expectations of people.

We are one of the manufacturers of variable messaging system to maximize best of our resources by unleashing the capabilities of hardware and software. Our dedicated professional put sincere efforts to design and optimize its potential.

Now let’s classify  VMS (Variable Messaging Service) are traffic controls that can display any message or graphic symbol, it displays a full dot matrix display, where dot is used to illuminate or exposing individual “dots”. That is called pixels and has been used.

Changeable Message Signs are traffic-control devices that have the potential of displaying pre-configured messages. It has no. of messages capable of being displayed by limiting the mechanical features of the sign.

It provides real-time traffic and road condition information.

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