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DOT activates Dynamic Message Signs that will Feature Travel Times

It is a valid and inevitable fact that variable message signs are the major or key elements, associated primarily with the latest technology and modern roadway communication. Dynamic message sign is devices which are used to warn the public on road about congestion, accidents etc. These systems are used to deal with the traffic problems like congestions and collisions. DMS are also used to display message and information on the real-time basis to the people on road.

These ticker tape are mainly placed above or overhead or in a preferable lane designation. These types of ticker tapes are mainly seen near toll gates on roadways and even while entering the tunnels on highways. Nowadays, peoples are moving forward to the solar energy because it is free of cost and environment-friendly. Sun is the most powerful renewable source of energy and has a hydrogen fuel for millions of year. The main reason for using these devices is, it gives your rid from huge monthly electricity bills.

There are lots of LED/Display manufacturers are available but it is very difficult to choose best of them. Photon play is one of them; they combine two futuristic technologies together DMS and VMS called solar powered variable message signs, these devices are durable land reliable. In VMS, it is easy for the authorities to install them in rural areas or in no electricity zone. Nowadays such devices are also used in city roads, highways, and tunnels.

Why choose Photon play products?

  1. Best products: These solar powered variable message signs and dynamic message signs are made up of high-quality raw materials. They have an expert engineering team and have experience of over 6 years.
  2. Low maintenance: As you know these products are durable and reliable made up of best quality material. There are no moving parts so, they required very low maintenance.
  3. Less power consumption: solar powered variable message sign uses solar energy for working, nowadays; such devices are used in city road which saves lots of electricity.
  4. Cheap in price: they provide high-quality products, one can avail these products from them at very affordable prices
  5. Easy to install: these devices are easy for installation and required very less space as compared to others.
  6. Customer service: If you have any query, you just have to fill an online form on the website and the team will provide you with the best solution. Here one gets the option to chat with the backend team and discuss your problems.

Photon Play has more than 6 years of experience in this business. They are a world leader in LED/Display manufacturing business and provide 30 different types of products. You can avail these types of products from them at very affordable prices. These products are highly durable and reliable, authorities can install them easily. They’re after sales services are extremely good they always available for clients. If you have any problem, fill the online form and submit your query. The Customer support team will try to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

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