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Big digital signs are another small step toward a ‘smart road’

Since more people are buying cars, roads have become congested and unable to support the traffic. This has led to many serious problems like traffic jams, over speeding etc. which ultimately leads to accidents. One of the most serious these days is how to ensure public safety on roads. Governments all across the globe have enacted various policies to regulate the traffic. But people drive irresponsibly and jeopardize their own safety and of those around them. Thus there is a need to make them aware of the hazards of breaking rules and for these electronic led signs along the road will make them drive responsibly and make a step towards the smart road.

Electronic led signs are becoming more popular for efficient traffic regulations. The reason for their rapid popularity is that they are easy to set up. Drivers find them easy to read when driving while still being aware of the road. Sometimes because of emergency drivers may neglect safety rules and drive rashly. Message signs make them conscious about these rules and prevent accidents.

LED signs are used to give drivers information about particular events on the highways like traffic jams, accidents, construction and repair work, and speed limits. Earlier highway message signs were less flexible than electronic led signs. Messages were shown by illuminating a neon tube that would highlight the message. They could only display a fixed set of messages and were less flexible. But nowadays, LEDs are being used to make these signs which allow changing messages.

Electronic message signs are usually fixed. But mobile variable message signs are also available these days that can be moved to any location if there is a need. These portable signs are used wherein fixed message sign are not available. They are used to warn drivers about an accident which occurs outside the range of fixed signs.

The message displayed can be programmed remotely via phone or computer or from the unit’s control panel. They are bright enough that their message is visible even in bright sunlight. The use of mobile variable message signs has reduced chances of traffic jams. Traffic can be diverted through other routes if an unpredictable event like accidents occurs. They are easy to read even in broad daylight and foggy conditions.

Variable message signs increase the driver’s alertness towards speed and road safety rules near residential areas, schools or colleges, hospitals, etc. where pedestrians are exposed to risk due to over speeding. This makes traffic safer by giving drivers safety tips. Drivers are encouraged to follow safety measures and become responsible citizens.

Electronic led signs are also used for informational and advertisement purposes. These led signs use very bright light and are very effective in attracting people’s attention. Digital billboards are more effective than LCD monitors for this purpose. Moreover, their prices are decreasing which has made them popular choice over other technologies used for this purpose.

Uses of Electronic LED message signs-

  1. Make drivers aware of road conditions ahead.
  2. Drivers are encouraged to follow safety rules.
  3. They make the road much safer and less susceptible to accidents.
  4. Helps in diverting oncoming traffic to avoid traffic jams.

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