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How variable message signs reduce road traffic and highway accidents
There are various signs on the road that helps to functionalize the usage of traffic and makes the system lesser vulnerable to an untoward incident. Variable message signs are the solutions to manage the dynamic traffic management in cities and highways in the entire world. It is powered by our engineering excellence and capabilities of software development.  Worldwide, it is known by different names. In the UK, it is called a matrix sign and is often abbreviated VMS, CMS or DMS. Such VMS signs help to avoid causalities like traffic congestion, accidents, incidents, roadwork zones and limits speed on a specific highway segment. VMS   signs are used in parking guidance and informatics systems to guide drivers to avail car parking spaces.

Why is VMS So Important?

Although, it was incorporated first in the system long before in around early 60’s. The current VMS system is largely deployed on freeways, trunk highways or in work zones. It is an internet-enabled mechanism that works on a few dedicated software. Photonplay offers the industry’s most flexible, robust capabilities and business intelligence tools built on a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure.

Our open team platform supports all major enterprise system and has core knowledge required for the industry. It drives into our integration capabilities.

Photonplay VMS boards are meant to give distinct information to users capable of displaying MUTCD graphics and arrow functions. It is tailor-made for current and growing demands of it in the customer oriented and leverage capabilities to customize solutions to suit end-user objectives, thus making us a trustworthy name.Dynamic Message signs are the large electronic signs which overhang or appear along major highways in many. It is depending on the traffic situation, the variable display information.

The system has no. of distinct features to offer as it provides high-grade components, rigid quality specifications and meticulous approach to ensure reliable performance.

There are a few certain features which offer customizable, VMS systems from Photonplay find applications in different areas. This custom built software allows operators to display messages in a variety of ways to get maximum attention and response.  It is highly robust, durable and low maintenance.

The message displays give a wide range of aspects to fulfill the expectations of people.

We are one of the manufacturers of variable messaging system to maximize best of our resources by unleashing the capabilities of hardware and software. Our dedicated professional put sincere efforts to design and optimize its potential.

Now let’s classify  VMS (Variable Messaging Service) are traffic controls that can display any message or graphic symbol, it displays a full dot matrix display, where dot is used to illuminate or exposing individual “dots”. That is called pixels and has been used.

Changeable Message Signs are traffic-control devices that have the potential of displaying pre-configured messages. It has no. of messages capable of being displayed by limiting the mechanical features of the sign.

It provides real-time traffic and road condition information.

variable message sign
Modern Technology To Help Identify Weight Non-Compliance On Roads

Led Ticker Tapes: A New Way Of Details Available Display

Ticker record was one of the very first ways of electronic relationships mostly seen in the industry of shares, was a solution to the standard inventory solution that ran documents remove through a device that printed out the company name and the inventory ideas. The documents tickers have near vanished during the late 1950’s when TV and pcs were making their move into the world. The first Ticker record has been around since the year 1867 which was mainly used as delivery service to move the particularly an individual foundation. This solution record was a similar kind of the kind of writer that used ways to make the facts. Led tickers have been an amazing means of introducing all types of information. The top-level look of the scrolling released published a written text on a LED ticker record can turn the dullest room to a less large one.

Electronic led signs record is usually a kind of record that uses an assortment of LED to display a certain piece of information in kind of released published written text, image or even noticeable. All the different LED contains four LED developed as a set together. In the four LEDs, there is a set of red LEDs couple angled to each other, red and naturally placed at the other finishes of the rectangular shape set of the LEDs. The set together is used when information of kind noticeable needs to see else the particular shade can be used to display the facts. For example, the place symptoms used in educate and system uses a single shade LED wide range to display the facts. However, the inventory tickers are now a common perspective even on the tv display during the business information idea. The led ticker tapes record has been part of an amazing change in the idea of cost-effective research and research.

How are these led ticker videos useful?

The inventory solution display is filled with two monochromes to tell efficient information. Investing in less defined LEDs display the helped shares while the red described LEDs act as the non-benefited shares. The variable message sign has been effective in the places of the proportion industry and its effect drawn individuals use the same in fund laboratories of universities and universities, schools, and also in control universities. The normal idea of the different inventory ticker developed its way to be used in the options opinions also to display tangible and natural information. Occurs on ticker has also been taken into the restrictions of banking organizations and also the economical companies where lots of many individuals have their comfort surpassed regarding the newest currency trading variations and inventory ideas. Usually, the composting goes from right to leave everywhere while showing released published written text over historical past. In countries like Contemporary Sydney and UK, these LED ticker Videos have been applied in the prediction of various other understands like warning on school finishing.

portable mobile vms
Solar powered variable speed drives for remote borehole applications

A radar Rate indication indication reviews car owner that their quantity is not in the restrictions set by the regulators. This procedure is generally done via shiny LED lighting. This motivates the drivers to recover returning their unwanted add up to regular restrict. It reveals interesting details that have an important impact on car owner actions that is quite unique in comparison to last few miles. Different idea signs can be applied set up like streets, significant street junctions, risk locations, schools, medical centers, etc. The Different Idea Sign uses a black and white to show off its result. The Different Idea signs can also be used in locations to connect actions and actions like climate situation, no-parking, journey alerts, etc. These signs are also available with utilization of solar-power and these solar power powered radar speed signs can be placed on both sides of streets to really makes it more noticeable to the drivers.

The utilization of radar concept indication has taken a new venture in controlling traffic and also offering a smooth path for the automobile customers. The radar Rate indication reports car owner that their speed is not in the boundaries laid by the regulators. This process is generally done via shiny LED lighting. This motivates the drivers to recover returning their unwanted speed to regular restrict. It shows interactive details that have an important impact on car owner actions that is quite distinct in comparison to last few miles. The solar vms signs can be used set up like roadways, significant street junctions, hazard zones, schools, hospitals, etc. The Varying Message Sign uses a black and white to show off its output. The Varying Message signs can also be used in cities to communicate actions and actions like climatic situation, no-parking, journey alerts, etc. These Signs can be placed on both sides of streets for making it more visible for the drivers.

The LED Technology used in the variable Message Sign ensure it is durable and enables the system to play actively a bit longer. These Signs can be observed both in nights as well as days, irrespective of the the weather these signs can considered from a distant position also. The program operates by itself as a stand-alone system to notify the rate the drivers about their travelling speed. The system can also be integrated with other traffic management systems by offering some essential details and making it enable as a Traffic Recognition System or a Traffic Tracking System. The traffic Recognition Product is a program that is dedicated to collect the traffic details for a street and analyze based on the derived details.  The details consist of Reporting Factors such as Regular Vehicle Depend, Complete Vehicle Depend, Regular Rate, Regular Variety of Rate Offenses, and Complete Variety of Rate Offenses.

The traffic Tracking Product is a program utilizing special camera configurations to monitor street areas such as connects and underpasses. The program extracts the details about street flexibility, and shows the same to the customers. These led variable message signs create the journey of the people go smoother by having the details of the street flexibility pre-handed.

variable message sign
Self-Driving Cars Raising Big Questions Around Drunk Driving, Seat Belts, Open Container Laws and More

With an increase in the number of traffic accidents, there has been improving demand for services for street protection. As an ingredient of street precautionary features check on the interest amount of automobiles and showing proper alerts signs act as a very important aspect. But it is not possible to personally take care of these things in these large places. Therefore technologies are used for the save. There has been an extensive improvement in the growth and growth of computerized equipment to help in this field. Mouth amount signs and different concept signs producers are few of them. Ever since their growth, they have become an unavoidable aspect of traffic control.
The use of your line of view amount sign and different concept sign has taken a new venture in managing guests and also offering a sleek path for your motor vehicle customers. Your line of view Speed sign indication reviews car owner that their quantity is not in the limitations set by the regulators. The process is basically done via bright LED lights. This motivates the drivers to recover back their excess add up to normal limit. It shows interesting messages that have an important effect on car owner behavior that is quite unique compared to last few miles. Different idea signs can be employed set up like streets, major street junctions, risk locations, schools, medical centers, etc. The variable message boards use a black and white to display its result. The Different Ideal signs can also be used in locations to connect events and activities like environment situation, no-parking, travel alerts, etc. These signs are also available with use of solar-power and these solar power powered your line of view amount signs can be placed on either side of streets to really make sure it is more recognizable to the drivers.
The Cloud-based technological innovation combines the routing with a regular storage of information about your motor vehicle and which also contains the interest amount and place of the vehicle. Used in the electronic led display makes sure it is durable and allows this approach to play definitely a bit longer. These Signs can be observed as both in evenings as well as days, regardless of the environment, these signs can be observed as from a remote position also. The program functions by itself as a stand-alone program to inform the quantity the drivers about their traveling quantity. The program can also be incorporated into other guests’ management systems by giving some important details and making it enable as a Traffic Recognition System or a Traffic Tracking System. The details contain Confirming Factors such as Frequent Automobile Depend, Complete Automobile Depend, Frequent Rate, a Frequent Extensive variety of Rate Offenses, and Complete Extensive variety of Rate Offenses.
The cloud-based your line of view amount signs works on the concept of the GPS and the very information is stored centered on the last seen place and also the activity of the GPS device and the interest amount of the activity. The guests Tracking Technique an operation utilizing special camera options to keep track of street locations such as connects and underpasses. The program ingredients the details about street flexibility, and shows the same to the customers can use. This creates the journey of the people goes better by having the details of the way flexibility pre-handed.

Variable message signs
Big digital signs are another small step toward a ‘smart road’

Since more people are buying cars, roads have become congested and unable to support the traffic. This has led to many serious problems like traffic jams, over speeding etc. which ultimately leads to accidents. One of the most serious these days is how to ensure public safety on roads. Governments all across the globe have enacted various policies to regulate the traffic. But people drive irresponsibly and jeopardize their own safety and of those around them. Thus there is a need to make them aware of the hazards of breaking rules and for these electronic led signs along the road will make them drive responsibly and make a step towards the smart road.

Electronic led signs are becoming more popular for efficient traffic regulations. The reason for their rapid popularity is that they are easy to set up. Drivers find them easy to read when driving while still being aware of the road. Sometimes because of emergency drivers may neglect safety rules and drive rashly. Message signs make them conscious about these rules and prevent accidents.

LED signs are used to give drivers information about particular events on the highways like traffic jams, accidents, construction and repair work, and speed limits. Earlier highway message signs were less flexible than electronic led signs. Messages were shown by illuminating a neon tube that would highlight the message. They could only display a fixed set of messages and were less flexible. But nowadays, LEDs are being used to make these signs which allow changing messages.

Electronic message signs are usually fixed. But mobile variable message signs are also available these days that can be moved to any location if there is a need. These portable signs are used wherein fixed message sign are not available. They are used to warn drivers about an accident which occurs outside the range of fixed signs.

The message displayed can be programmed remotely via phone or computer or from the unit’s control panel. They are bright enough that their message is visible even in bright sunlight. The use of mobile variable message signs has reduced chances of traffic jams. Traffic can be diverted through other routes if an unpredictable event like accidents occurs. They are easy to read even in broad daylight and foggy conditions.

Variable message signs increase the driver’s alertness towards speed and road safety rules near residential areas, schools or colleges, hospitals, etc. where pedestrians are exposed to risk due to over speeding. This makes traffic safer by giving drivers safety tips. Drivers are encouraged to follow safety measures and become responsible citizens.

Electronic led signs are also used for informational and advertisement purposes. These led signs use very bright light and are very effective in attracting people’s attention. Digital billboards are more effective than LCD monitors for this purpose. Moreover, their prices are decreasing which has made them popular choice over other technologies used for this purpose.

Uses of Electronic LED message signs-

  1. Make drivers aware of road conditions ahead.
  2. Drivers are encouraged to follow safety rules.
  3. They make the road much safer and less susceptible to accidents.
  4. Helps in diverting oncoming traffic to avoid traffic jams.
Variable message signs
DOT activates Dynamic Message Signs that will Feature Travel Times

It is a valid and inevitable fact that variable message signs are the major or key elements, associated primarily with the latest technology and modern roadway communication. Dynamic message sign is devices which are used to warn the public on road about congestion, accidents etc. These systems are used to deal with the traffic problems like congestions and collisions. DMS are also used to display message and information on the real-time basis to the people on road.

These ticker tape are mainly placed above or overhead or in a preferable lane designation. These types of ticker tapes are mainly seen near toll gates on roadways and even while entering the tunnels on highways. Nowadays, peoples are moving forward to the solar energy because it is free of cost and environment-friendly. Sun is the most powerful renewable source of energy and has a hydrogen fuel for millions of year. The main reason for using these devices is, it gives your rid from huge monthly electricity bills.

There are lots of LED/Display manufacturers are available but it is very difficult to choose best of them. Photon play is one of them; they combine two futuristic technologies together DMS and VMS called solar powered variable message signs, these devices are durable land reliable. In VMS, it is easy for the authorities to install them in rural areas or in no electricity zone. Nowadays such devices are also used in city roads, highways, and tunnels.

Why choose Photon play products?

  1. Best products: These solar powered variable message signs and dynamic message signs are made up of high-quality raw materials. They have an expert engineering team and have experience of over 6 years.
  2. Low maintenance: As you know these products are durable and reliable made up of best quality material. There are no moving parts so, they required very low maintenance.
  3. Less power consumption: solar powered variable message sign uses solar energy for working, nowadays; such devices are used in city road which saves lots of electricity.
  4. Cheap in price: they provide high-quality products, one can avail these products from them at very affordable prices
  5. Easy to install: these devices are easy for installation and required very less space as compared to others.
  6. Customer service: If you have any query, you just have to fill an online form on the website and the team will provide you with the best solution. Here one gets the option to chat with the backend team and discuss your problems.

Photon Play has more than 6 years of experience in this business. They are a world leader in LED/Display manufacturing business and provide 30 different types of products. You can avail these types of products from them at very affordable prices. These products are highly durable and reliable, authorities can install them easily. They’re after sales services are extremely good they always available for clients. If you have any problem, fill the online form and submit your query. The Customer support team will try to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Variable message signs
Better Traffic Safety leads to Better Road Safety

The event of injuries and demise on the road is to a great extent preventable gave you work towards traffic safety. At the point when there are sufficient safety measures set up, the drivers and people on foot achieve their goals without occurrence. Viable traffic management and road safety arrangements are most extreme vital to remain safe on road.

Road traffic safety alludes to the strategies and measures used to keep road clients from being slaughtered or genuinely harmed. Run of the mill road clients incorporates people on foot, cyclists, drivers, vehicle travelers, and travelers of on-road open transport. Road safety is critical so that all drivers utilize roads securely and circumspectly to help keep themselves, travelers, drivers and walkers safe. Traffic mishaps are the main source of damage in numerous nations; however, they can more often than not be dodged if drivers are cautious and not occupied.

These message signs are of various sorts, similar to radar speed signs and variable message sign. A variable message sign is additionally used to tell drivers about street work ahead, climate conditions, or abundance movement. Giving drivers this data permits them to settle on better choices. For instance, they may choose to leave the parkway before getting into a car influx. Furthermore, these showcases can help occupy overabundance activity. These radar speed signs can be compact or settled and come in different sizes to fill the required space. Bigger signs are required for substantial roadways with high movement. They are programmable from a PC and can be changed immediately; this is particularly useful when upgrading current activity or climate conditions. They are anything but difficult to utilize, so anybody can figure out how to overhaul them. Various messages can be modified on a board and they can likewise look for simple perusing.

Road safety is an essential part of being out on the road; either driving or riding as a traveler. Engine vehicle impacts are a central point for individual harm cases. Wounds from road mischances are much more prominent in number than that from whatever other methods of transportation. Road traffic wounds and crashes are a colossal general medical issue.

There are many variables that can impact the event of a street traffic mischance. These can be identified with the driver, the vehicle, or the states of the street itself. You, the driver or traveler, can take numerous security measures to help counteract or decrease the seriousness of street traffic impacts. Security methods ought to dependably be a primary concern when driving out and about. Continuously wear or utilize the best possible wellbeing gear; safety belts, auto seats, sponsor seats, and so forth. Guarantee that your vehicle is furnished with appropriately working lights and redirectors to help in crash shirking. Never, ever drive while affected by a medicine or illicit medications or liquor. Try not to work a cell phone while driving; particularly message informing. Continuously convey accident protection with you particularly risk protection. To wrap things up, dependably comply with every single driving principle and laws.

Discussing wellbeing measures on street, message signs additionally take a critical part. The most recent innovation in signage can be utilized as a part of traffic management to transfer the most recent data to people in general. Message signs can be utilized for an assortment of reasons. A standout amongst the most widely recognized reasons is to show flow traffic circumstances and ready drivers to conceivable issues ahead. Giving drivers a notice permits them to drive all the more mindfully and be more mindful of the circumstance.

portable mobile vms
Effectiveness Of Safety And Public Service Announcement Messages On Dynamic Message Signs

VMS signs are effective for display of information in public or private sectors. In the case of public sectors, these signs play an important role. Displaying of information in public places is quite helpful to make people aware of sudden changes. And also provides schedule description including its timing of arrival or departure. In many areas, these announcements are also displayed with the help of solar VMS signs. These are automatically chargeable systems which do not need any cable connector to connect. The configuration of these display systems is done by LEDs and diodes.

These depend upon both hardware and software systems. Therefore configuration is done under hardware supporting system and the new update information comes under software applications. LED system display is used to provide the VMS information. Thus the part of Dynamic message signs is also described with the help of message signs. Working with transport agencies are depending upon dynamic message sign system. Thus we have seen that VMS system is helpful in providing traffic information in public areas. One can get the whole information in just a few seconds through these message systems.

Effective usage of Mobile VMS signs in public places:

Talking about safety purposes these sign boards are designed in such a way to provide, instant announcement in case of any changes in emergency conditions. In highways, these systems play a major role. As due to this the rates of accidents are decreased, one can control the speed by indication sign boards install in different places. Public services always work for the safety of people and thus the usage of these sign boards are always there to provide update information whenever necessary.  This is also known as traffic control device in terms of public announcement services.

Messages of these sign boards are changeable. One can get the complete information through manually, electrically, or electromechanically changes. Solar VMS signs are always there to provide information such as traffic congestion, traffic crashes, adverse weather conditions and roadway conditions etc.

Digital signage board is also counting in favor of public announcement services. This plays an important role in “Quick Service Restaurants”. Hence the outdoor signage is the best example of this VMS system. The demand of this system in private and public sector is kept on increasing. An embedded product design company plays a major role in the configuration of these systems.

 Effectiveness and Safety in terms of Public Service Announcement Messages:

  • Security is a major concern nowadays, instead of just focusing on the advertisement. Therefore these mobile VMS signs are used to provide complete information about road conditions so as to stay away from traffic. Considering about security it is one of the useful methods in terms of information technology.
  • Dynamic messages change automatically which means information regarding any announcement will be viewed for the equal time interval. Like in railway stations or airports the location or path information is displayed through these sign boards. And this information further keeps on changing with time. Or you must have noticed the welcome message in the entrance of gates, which display the quotes or information of location too.

These systems are quite cost and maintenance effective. The whole information is updated with the help of software and process one by one.

Real Time LED Stock Ticker Tape
LED tickers – The Fastest Way to Disseminate Information

Public Safety is the prime concern for traffic management authorities. We have stringent rules and policies in place which ensure that the public is safe and adhere to the traffic rules, however, with the increased number of vehicles on road, problems like road rage, accidents, overspeeding etc. have become a common occurrence. The best way to cut down this is to integrate the manual efforts with technology and hence, we have the upsurge of Intelligent Traffic Management System wherein traffic authorities make use of tools like ticker tapes, VMS, radar speed signs etc. to control and manage the traffic flow.

Here we will be focusing on how LED ticker tape can be used to be a mode of display of public safety information. Ticker tapes have long been used but initially, they found space in the stock market, however, with time they evolved and got customized to be used in different forms and one of them being the information broadcast system.

What makes ticker tapes a utilitarian product?

LED ticker tapes are a multi-utilitarian product wherein they are used to display information with the help of LED lights. When these ticker tapes are connected to a local network, they start working in real-time and can be used to display various information.

Traffic authorities of many nations are making arduous efforts to make use of these ticker tapes. Schools and colleges also make use of these ticker tapes to disseminate important information and announcements. There are various other ways you can use ticker tapes:

  • At the hospitals and medical care centre they can be used to display information regarding the doctor’s visit, patient room number, information about various ward location , token number etc.
  • Ticker tapes also find application in the banks where they can be used to cut down the waiting period for the customers. Ticker tapes can be used to display information about banks, informative messages, stats and token status.
  • Stock ticker tapes are being used in schools and colleges, they have become especially very useful for creating a real-life broker house ambiance wherein students can learn about the dynamism of stock market and prepare to work accordingly.
  • Sports ticker tapes can be used during the sports events or they can be installed in house to create a perfect sports environment where you can keep yourself updated about the sports and matches.
  • They are also used in manufacturing units and plants where ticker tapes are used to scroll the information about the production status etc.
  • You can also find their widespread use in offices where they are used to display important information, greetings, messages etc.
  • They are also used at the airports, bus stations and railways to keep the passenger updated about the arrival and departure, delay and platform number etc. With just one device you can communication message to hundreds of people in one go.

To sum it up ticker tapes are highly variegated products which are used to satiate variegated needs of the clients.Their customizable feature and affordable pricing have made it an instant hit amongst the people. Irrespective of your project size and requirement, you can find a ticker tape that matches you need, requirements and budget.

What Communication Options are there for Programmable LED Signs?

To communicate with our programmable LED Signs there are a number of options. Some use a keypad, others PC software. In general terms PC software is easier to use once set up because you can control one or a number of signs quickly and easily. Not all displays have all the options below.

Plugin key board
A hand held keypad plugs into a port on the display. Text is entered from the keypad. Once text is entered the keypad can be removed. Advantage is simplicity of operation. Disadvantage is that it’s quite time consuming and you need to plug in the keyboard (can you reach it easily?). Not normally available on multiline signs because programming is difficult. PC control is best for frequently hanging messages.

Infrared keypad
Very similar to above except that infrared communications mean no wired connection is needed. Simply aim the IR keypad up to 15M away at the display. Advantages are wireless connection, disadvantages that you can’t always use it on outdoor signs or window applications. Standard on some displays but extra on others. The keypad can be fiddly to operate.

Hardwiredusing/PCsoftwareover/RS232or/RS485 communications
This uses a data cable daisy chained through the building or outside and connecting every sign to each other. It is the safest and most secure way of transmitting data. Even if the computer network is down you can still successfully transmit. If the cabling has to be extensive it can be quite time consuming to lay. Cabling usually runs in the ceiling or floor cavity. Either your own staff or preferred subcontractor can lay cabling to our specification. For distances under 30Metres RS232 can be used. For larger distances or most multi addressed systems RS485 communications are preferred and if needed a low cost RS485 line driver (£83) should be fitted.

GSM/ GPRS / 3G/4G DataModemusing PC software
Subject to adequate reception (90% of the population is covered) this is fairly straightforward. The radio modems simply takes the place of the phone modem. They use a digital data transmission network are fully approved and will not interfere with other radio transmissions.

Short & long distance radio communications
This uses license exempt radio modems to achieve wireless transmission of communications. Very useful if cabling is impractical. Two versions are available. Short distance radio modems cost £75 each and work up to 100M away in clear line-of-sight transmission applications. More powerful versions work up to 3km away in buildings, up to 20km away outdoors and cost £425 each.

SMS Text Messaging
SMS text messaging is useful for basic messaging and frequent updating. Security coding ensures accidental or malicious content cannot be displayed. Cost is £275 for GSM Modem, excluding SIM card which client is to provide. Useful on single line displays or smaller multiline displays.