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Efficiency critical functions like RnD and technology education is performed at our two GTO (Group Technology office) based in California and India and development and production in United states, India and Spain. Founded in 2006, today with a consolidated manpower of more than 400 engineers, 36 administrators and 9 executive management members dedi-cated to the group’s growth.

Business Process Evolution: Our synchronisation with local universities and continuous research by research fellows and photonplay professionals has results us to develop a lean organisational processes and adopt the principles of the continuous improvement. this process helps us to analyse history and present effort & productivity graphs and minimising the movement. We are continuously keep on reducing the costs and increase in effi-ciency in order to leave a minimum carbon footprint and making businesses easy for small organisations to multinational firms.


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Solution Innovation: Empowered with our two global GTOs(Group Technology Offices) our engineering wings, including software, electronic and mechanical engineers, integrated with our helps us to solve industry’s toughest technological challenges.


The Photonplay group leverages innovative technologies, breakthrough ideas, future market studies gave new thinking on different technologies and verticals to stay future-ready.

Currently Photonplay Group companies are having reputed presence in business vertical like Software and IT services, Display and communication systems, Automation & solutions and Interior design & architecture Industry.

We welcome new ideas, with links to local universities across North America and Europe, we use to conduct education and business events with groups of innovative minds to let them come up with new ideas and business ideas based on fast growing E-commerce industry, consumer based industries and technological breakthroughs.

There are more than six big business execution technical has been amended as a outcome of this campaign.

Have ideas ? Come and join Photonplay.

As per the research more than 85% university researchers are not able to professionalize the ideas due to lack of technical or financial reasons, so as a effort to serve community and generate business photonplay is very actively working with local educational institutions and universities. In Process with the integrity of our professional market strategic team and GTROs (Group’s Technical Research Offices), we give chance to fresh minds for easy startups and industry entry points.

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Lens Based VMS/DMS


Our VMS DMS series of products are compatible with standard NTCIP protocol as well as Photonplay SignCom standard protocol

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Lens Based VMS/DMS

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Our Team of experts simulate the gantry designs to withstand extreme wind-load and other dynamic parameters to insure the

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