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Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs by Photonplay are the complete solution to the modern day dynamic traffic where each and every street is jostling with innumerable automobiles moving frantically to reach their destination as early as possible. It is a key element when it comes to managing the dynamic traffic efficiently. The VMS signs display messages and instructions for the drivers behind the wheels depending on the conditions. This helps them to improve the driving conditions and in turn saves a lot of time for the people commuting on the streets.

The VMS boards consist of LEDs which is available in three different variants, mono colored, two-colored and multi-colored. It is an interactive way to deliver the messages in a new fashion. These signboards are bright enough to be seen even in the scorching sun and can auto adjust to the ambient brightness and is cool to eyes even at night. This dynamic nature of the boards helps it to display messages instantly and helps in saving time and probably wards off huge traffic jams sometimes.

The Variable Message Sign is the safest means for alerting the drivers about the dynamic changes in the traffic arrangements and road situations. These devices can easily aware the motorists about the work zones, diversions, lane merging and closures, parking bays and similar blockades.

Photonplay’s VMS boards use latest technology to provide accurate and instant information to the people driving on roads. It makes maximum use of the available resources and helps in providing the information without any time lag. Thus the operators sitting in the control rooms can manage the traffic in a better way and thus ease the roads of the heavy traffic by distributing them uniformly throughout the city.

Features of the Variable Message Signs

  • It uses latest technology to ease the traffic.
  • Available in mono, two and multi-colored LEDs with different pixel pitches and matrix.
  • Very bright displays to enable the drivers to see it easily in broad daylight.
  • Automatic brightness control to adjust to the ambient light and not burn the eyes of the drivers in low light.
  • Glare-free display by using specialized lens over the LEDs.
  • Stand alone fixed as well as portable units.
  • Power supplied via mains, battery or even solar powered enabling it to be installed virtually anywhere and everywhere.
  • Wired as well as wireless connectivity to make every unit easily programmable and display the latest message with no time lag.
  • Perfectly sealed, weatherproof and resistant to vibrations.
  • Confirm to various standards like the IP 67, TR2136, EN 12966-1, etc. to fulfill the requirements of specific countries.
  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Robust design, durable and tough.
  • Minimum maintenance requirements.
  • Customizable Dimensions making it extremely flexible.
  • User-friendly software interface makes it easy for the operators to display the information and modify it without much problem.
  • Optional features like traffic detection, video surveillance and monitoring.


  • Highways– These display units find their maximum utilization on highways where they are used to display information like lane merging, tolls ahead, bridges, tunnels, turn off points, accidents or incidents, emergency conditions like landslides or mudslides, etc.
  • City Streets- the VMS signs displays the traffic conditions, congestions, speed limits, closed roads, weather reports, AQIs, etc. and directs the drivers to opt for a smoother road with less traffic.
  • Boards with in-built radar can display the speed limit and ask the specific vehicles to slow down if they violate the limit.

Why choose us?

  • We at Photonplay are among the only few who have both hardware manufacturing and software developing centres. Our expert team embeds the software with the hardware with utmost efficiency to make your experience a memorable one.
  • All the VMS Boards are customizable and can be modified to meet our client’s requirements or conform to the requirements of the enforcement agencies of the specific region.
  • Reliable performance, durable and a sought after name in the international arena.
  • Maintenance and support centres in various countries worldwide.
  • Custom software developed by Photonplay’s in house team is easy to use and the operators can use them very efficiently to manage the dynamic traffic in and around the city and also on the highways.


Our team of scientists and professionals have gone through a lot of research and development programs to design and develop the Variable Message Signs which most probably, is the best available VMS board in the market. The use of latest technologies and best hardware has made it future-proof and it can be used for years without any interruption. The capability to customize the product according to the requirements of our customers makes our Variable Message Signs one of the most innovative and impressive dynamic boards in the world.

Being a customer oriented company, we try our best to serve our customers with the best quality products at the most unbelievable price. We invite quote from our clients and try to forge the deal at the quote nearest to that of our clients’. Send us an enquiry and initiate a long bonding with us.

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