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Photonplay has been values-driven since its first foundation

Values and Purpose

Core Values

Photonplay has been values-driven since its first foundation. Our expectation on business efficiencies continue to push the growth of Photonplay group companies. The four core values justifying the way we do business are:

  • Integrity: We execute our business with honesty and transparency, any business practice we do must comply the public liability test.
  • Understanding: we look after the respect, compassion and humanity with our customers, colleagues and competitors around the world.
  • Excellence: We are always hungry for highest possible excellence in business functions and customer relationships and products as well.
  • Unity: We work like a family with our colleagues, customers and partners around the globe and strengthening our bond with the community based on mutual correlation.
  • Responsibility: We responsibly operate our business operations in countries with responsibly implementing the employment and business regulations as per the relative constituencies and laws, along with the commitment to reduce the carbon footprints and contribution to greener planet.

 photonplay group core values


Our basic goal as a technical group is to simplify the business and serving the respective industries and considering the financial goals as secondary, We always aims to improve the quality of life on this planet equally for all communities.

Our approach to give returns to mankind what we earn created a trust in part-ners, customers, consumers and employees.

Vision 2020

Taking account on past growth rate, by 2020, 6% of the total world’s population will experience Photonplay’s commitment to considerably enhancing the quality of life of people enveloped with Photonplay in any means like customer, partner, consumers.

Till 2020, as a outcome Photonplay will be in the list of 100 most respected corporate and employer globally.