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ITS & Traffic Signs

The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is the most sought after technology in traffic management. It enables the authorities to manage the traffic inside the city, on the highways and along the freeways without being physically present everywhere. It informs the people of every small incident and accident that can eat up their time and provides alternate route for smooth exit from the affected zone.

To implement them, the ITS needs its best sentinel, the Variable Message Signs (VMS). The VMS can be used to display any message or information anywhere the operator wants and help improve the traffic conditions of the place. The VMS is dynamic in nature and is always ready to ease out the traffic congestion with minimum efforts.

The VMS is one of the most fascinating devices which have ever been used to manage the traffic and improve the road conditions. It was used for the first time in 1960s and has now become an indispensable product that is used for communicating with the drivers on roads. It is used on highways, major traffic junctions and also in the arterial streets and roads. Installed along both the sides of the roads or above the road, the high quality text and images can penetrate even dense fog and snow conditions.

The Intelligent Transport System keeps in mind the areas which are not so crammed up but can cause traffic issues in other areas on special occasions. It can pose a threat to the people in running their daily chores. Such places can also be far off from the city but to reach those places, the city roads are used and everything gets jam-packed. The ITS uses the Variable Message Signs to uniformly distribute the crowd and direct the vehicles in different directions to manage the traffic and takes care of the  smooth flow of vehicles on the city roads.

Traffic vms variable message signs


  • Visible from huge distances
  • Improved Readability by using multiple Numeric Fonts
  • Limited access to the software by Multi Level of Password protection.
  • Onboard NTCIP compatibility
  • Built-in scheduled programming kept on track by Internal Clock

Power Features

  • Energy Efficient Operation results in High Efficiency
  • Lockable Battery Box to prevent unauthorized access
  • Solar panel charging available for the batteries without intervention

A choice of sizes and options make these sign extremely versatile.

  • Full Matrix VMS
  • Mobile VMS
  • EU Series VMS

In Sign Communications

Photonplay’s VMS is compatible with wide range of communication protocols that conforms to the industry standards to suit different integration possibilities.

Our VMS is capable of integrating with any software and can be operated from various controlling platforms with NMCS2, NTCIP, UTMC (Standard PSI-1 Protocol), GPRS (Standard PSI-1 Protocol), TCP/IP (Standard PSI-1 Protocol), Paknet, RS 485-RS 432, License free Radio, etc.

In Sign Communications

All in-sign communication devices use the industry standard CAN-bus Protocol.


National Transportation Communication for Its Protocol (NTCIP) enabled devices optimizes the VMS to extract maximum output from it in a highly sophisticated manner.

It defines the functional controls and communication profiles for electronic traffic control equipment.

ITS Ready VMS and DMS

These are the equipments which are used in monitoring, controlling and managing systems in traffic management. These are highly reliable and robust devices which are legible from far off distance. It helps in integrating the displays with the enforceable system.

The Variable Message Signs allows the people to drive along the roads of the city without getting entangled in the traffic or any incident or accident. It meticulously redirects the traffic in a direction which is free from vehicles and people can drive easily and smoothly reducing the number of accidents and pedestrian deaths on the roads. It works in all weather conditions and can guide the people even on snowy winter nights and foggy mornings. It probably is the exact thing what the modern day traffic management system requires to avoid jams and ensure smooth flow of traffic without any accidents making life of the people easier and safer.

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