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Ruby on Rails

When using ROR technology for your software project, Photonplay is the best software company to trust for.

Ruby is a simple and dynamic programming language that focuses productivity. It’s true magic is hidden in its clear and concise syntax that makes it natural and easy to write. Reflective and object- oriented Ruby allows us to deliver projects within a shorter timeframe without compromising on the quality of our work.

Rails is a web-application framework that makes use of the MVC (Model View Controller).

Photonplay’s ROR developer will ensure you one thing for sure: Since Ruby On Rails is known for its quick development, you will be ensured of rapid application development. Correct use of the latest Ruby On Rails web standards is the most anonymous capability of our developer in developing 2.0 applications.

This open source technology is used by us so as to bring quality and sustainable solutions as need by our clients all over the globe.

BENEFITS OF HIRING Photonplay’s for ROR Projects!

  • Our developers know very well how to actively use the modification and flexibility that “Ruby on Rails” offers. This feature is exactly used in response to the custom requirements of the clients.
  • Photonplay’s make use of the short development cycles present in Ruby On rails programming languages and offer faster development in it.
  • Websites which usually took 12 weeks in getting built through “ROR” can be built in 6 weeks easily. The design, existing plug-ins are the features which makes Ruby on Rails so much interesting and easy to use.

ROR is the most prominent source of platform in today’s industry as it is simple yet efficient and functions with best maintenance as compared to other programming platforms.

Photonplay has a 8+ years experienced team of certified and experienced team of developers to meet every web development needs of our clients and customers. Our developers always strive quality rich solutions in the minimum possible time available.

There are some principles and guidelines through which every technology and framework becomes successful and efficient in the smallest of time.

Ruby On Rails have 2 pedagogies which makes it the most likable platform to work on. These are “don’t repeat yourself” and convention over configuration” which makes an application quite successful.

Our skillful team of +50 skilled developers is highly talented in developing an unique and robust ROR application in minimal time with competent and satisfactory results.

Reasons for ror to choose as your web development platform

  • Efficiency :  Ruby On Rails is the most sought after platforms to develop applications in a time controlled manner. Today, start-ups mostly rely on ROR as their main weaponry in their arsenal.
  • Time –Time factor is the most distinctive thing which makes the ROR a serious loggerhead among its competitors. Among the shortest duration of time, on could develop a rich featured application. Time in required in coding is relatively less.
  • Minimal Use – Less coding and configuration are the main key of ROR in developing the application steadily fast. Anyone of any age can easily work on a RoR developed application.
  • Fast Development –Since the development is real quick, one can easily spend less time on development and rather focus on quality and assurance which a company focussess to strive for.
  • Coder Friendly – For a large content based website, ROR is the optimal choice since it provides most easy navigation and management of content.

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