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MUDCO Certified Range Of Products Including Variable Message Sign, Speed Radar Sign And Lane Control Equipment

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Radar Speed Signs

Photonplay offers a range of radar speed signs optimized for modern traffic management. Highly visible even from a distance, these radar based speed display units help calm drivers and get them to reduce speed to the specified limits for specific zones. Affordably priced and customizable, our radar speed units can be used on highways, on city roads and in specialized environments to help reduce chances of accidents and fatalities. Built to highest quality standards for exceptional performance, each unit is backed by our guarantee and includes modern features that deliver full value for money. Radar Speed Signs Also Known as driver feedback signs, radar speed limit signs, radar speed sign, your speed sign, radar feedback sign, radar speed display. speed display board, speed radar sign, vehicle activated sign.

Photonplay Radar Speed Sign Features:-

  • High bright amber or yellow LEDs visible from a distance even in bright sunlight with auto brightness control
  • Customizable pixel pitches
  • Front lens system to optimize visibility and prevent glare
  • Inbuilt radar unit with motion sensors and optional video capture facility
  • Energy efficient design
  • Weather proof, dustproof, IP specced powder coated metal cabinets for durability and protection against theft and vandalismLight-weight portable and fixed radar speed units with integral CPU control unit
  • Light-weight portable and fixed radar speed units with integral CPU control unit
  • A large display shows the speed of approaching vehicle and a display underneath shows specified safe speed limit for that zone
  • Mains, battery and solar powered units allowing installation on highways or city roads
  • Customizable to display speed violation flashing sign or to collect traffic information
  • Custom software developed in-house with easy to use interface and exceptional features
  • GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity for sign management
  • Full matrix customization, rotating speed display, custom dynamic messaging signs are all available as options

Effectively Saving Lives:-

Studies have proved the fatality of lives of pedestrians in accidents has been decreased by lowering the traffic speed. Every ten of MPH speed has a great effect on the fatality weather the involved pedestrian will live or die.

Radar Signs

Radar Speed Signs Variants:-

Street Series WorkZone Series Highway Series Portable Series
Digit Size 9” 12″ 18”/24″ 9”/12”/18”
Alert Messages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ideal for Speed Limits 5-30 MPH 5-40 MPH 40-75 MPH 5-75 MPH
Visibility 60mtr 100mtr 160mtr
Enclosure Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth/3G Bluetooth/3G Bluetooth/3G Bluetooth/3G
Solar Yes No Yes Yes
Power 110/220vAC 110/220vAC 110/220vAC 110/220vAC
Compliance UL/CE UL/CE UL/CE UL/CE

Photonplay Radar Speed Sign Applications:-

Photonplay Radar speed display units find wide applications in various environments to help drivers stay within safe speed limits. Applications are:

  • Highways
  • City roads
  • School and institutional zones and also within campuses
  • Residential neighborhoods and private communities
  • Corporate and industrial compounds as well as construction zones
  • Military bases, dockyards, airports

The Photonplay Advantage:

  • Our past experience in embedded software coupled with manufacturing expertise in display units gives our products an edge when it comes to reliability, performance and ease of use.
  • Highest quality components chosen for trouble-free performance
  • Maintenance and support in countries around the world.


Photonplay radar speed signs are the answer to dynamic modern traffic management in a variety of environments. Highly visible, these units are noticed and followed by drivers as opposed to painted static signs that are usually ignored. Municipalities in cities, school authorities, industrial zones and police enforcement authorities are turning to these radar speed displays as a way to get drivers to stay within safe speed limits thus ensuring safety of lives. Photonplay has an integrated manufacturing unit and a software division that works in tandem to deliver next generation radar speed units. Our specialty is customization of signs to suit specific traffic conditions or city or country’s local regulatory requirements while meeting specifications as regards durability, cost and performance. Get in touch with us to know more about our radar speed signs.

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