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Production Scoreboard Display will monitor anything from production to safety and efficiency

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Production Status Displays


These days in order to meet demands and to put a head to head challenge to the rivals it is equally important to upsurge the production & sales. If we take through look every single minutes cost pennies to the organization on wage and labor. So the question comes how to enhance the productivity of the resources to get maximum out of it.So inorder to get the effective and long-term solution. It is equally important to nip errors in the bud.
Production Standard Displays are the devices meant to scale up the data and provides a real-time analysis to bridge the gap between the demand and production. Half the battle is won if we could assess what
is the flaw.

How it trains industry stalwarts to evaluate the real-time data ?

• Streamlines workflows and develops a platform for consistent results that is critical to excel in corporate ladder.
• It not only points out areas of improvement but it also highlights the areas to be applauded.
• Compares results from traditional and advanced techniques by integrating RTA model.
• Precison and accuracy of data helps to achieve timely goals and see pleasing results.
• Helps to inculcate an approach to move on out of comfort zones and produce special results.

Basic Types of Production Status Displays

7-segment Display
It is an LED (Light Emitting Diode), a solid state optical PN- junction producing light in the form of “photon” when being forwarded by a voltage allowing current to passes through its junction.

The main advantages of LED is that as it is smaller in size and are quite lighter can be use anywhere thus producing 7- segment display as shown in the diagram.

How it is operated and integrated to get the desired results.
Cathode 7-segment Display

In the common cathode anode display, all the anode connections of LED segments are joined together to logic “1” and gets illuminated by applying a ground logic “0” low signal via a current limiting resistor to the cathode of particular segment (a-g)

Common Anode 7-segment Display

In common terms, anode displays are more particular as many logic circuits that can sink more current than the input. It is similar as connecting LEDs in reverse and emission does not take place.

Here is an example of 7- segment Display for all numbers.

Driving a 7 -segment Display

Although, it is perceived to be a single display but in technicality, it consist of seven individual LED’S within a single package and as such these LEDs need protection from over current.The other to look at it produeces light only when forward biased with being proportional to the forward current. The intensity of light increases with the flow of curent in linear manner.

Precautionary measures:

To enhance the life of these displays is to check the overflow of current. The forward current must be controlled and limited to safe value by using external resistor to prevent damage to LED segments.