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Parking Guidance System


Photonplay always keep forward to work on latest technology and provide client oriented solutions. Our Parking Guidance and Information systems provide latest dynamic information to drivers within parking controlled areas. These systems combine traffic movement, monitoring, processing and variable message sign techniques to provide various services. Our guidance systems are Internal guidance system and External guidance system. Modern parking lots make use of a multiple technologies to help motor drivers in finding unoccupied parking spaces, vehicle location when returning to the vehicle and renovate their experience. Display board show information like number of empty, available slots at every level and video surveillance. It comprises adaptive lighting, sensors and parking space led indicators (red for occupied, green for available and blue is reserved for the disabled.

Parking Managment Systems


  • Intelligent Car Parking Guidance System
  • Multiple network mode
  • ARM dual-core process
  • OEM
  • Built-in GPS navigation
  • Cell phone interactive
  • Working temperature: -20C—+80C
  • Frequency range: 50-60Hz
  • Voltage range: AC110-220V


  • System get activated automatically during engage of reverse gear It detect from a distance of 0.8m approximately
  • Simple to installation
  • High quality
  • Acoustic signal increases in frequency when obstacles move closer
    Easy and concealed installation, no change on vehicle appearance
  • No blind zone close to bumper, providing complete protection, ideal for parking in narrow spaces
  • Waterproof & lightning protection design


Application Areas:


Residential Colony


Corporate Offices