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Offshore Software Development

In this world of cutting edge technology and competition, all round where the web of IT is reaching every corner of the world the organizations are leaving no stone unturned to reap maximum benefits out of the talent pool. Needless to say, India has been a global supplier of software development products to European countries and Northern America. Outsourcing to India has been a key business strategy in today’s business time. There is no two minds in that .India is a store house and emerged as a superpower of best brains when it comes to developing IT solutions. As a software development services and web development services, Photonplay strives to provide application development meant for customer quality and web development services to give a stiff competition to rivals. For this, we adhere to ground rules like modern software development platforms, application development tools and opt for software engineering practices.

Offshore Software Development

Lets’ dig into the facts !  why India has always been the favorite IT outsourcing destination.

  •   Big Pool of Human Resource

Although, we stand second in the overall population after china. But we are blessed with the age of working group people 18-40 and have the younger generation. We have the abundance of technically qualified people and knowledge of skilled English speaking computer professionals makes India a favorite outsourcing destination.

  • Cost Efficiency of IT outsourcing in India

Breath-taking & Incredible cost saving can be achieved by  outsourcing the  IT work to India, considering  the wide gap  between the personal cost in India and that too, in  developed countries. It offers economical benefits of those who are prepared to exploit the advantages of outsourcing.

  • Standard Quality firms catering IT outsourcing in India

The Indian companies are in race for IT outsourcing in India strive for high quality work, meeting global standards and complying with the ISO & SEI-CMM standards. Thus, India promises a great potential of high- quality–IT outsourcing in India as we have the potential to cater to these services perfectly.

  • Reliable Communication facilities

Excellent telecom and Cellular networks with IP are available in almost First tier-cities while expanding its range in second-tier countries. Thus, companies in IT outsourcing to India can be in touch with the vendors without any hurdles. Thanks  to the relaxed norms undertaken by US government. It plays a vital role in deciding the fate of offshore IT outsourcing to India.

  • Technologically advanced outsourcing firms in India

India has been a storehouse of major firms and set ups that offer excellent software solutions. It includes Telecomm, Business Process Engineering, system integration, maintaining legacy system e-commerce etc. It gives pride in outsourcing business that are required to compete with the cream of service providers in the world; which is yet another reason why developed countries like the UK, USA and Germany offshore major chunk of  work to India.