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Nema Marquee Signs For Indoor and outdoor applications

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Nema Marquee Signs

It is basically used for industrial applications. It consists of series of LED message displays using series and Ethernet communications. It works on the same concept however in technicalities it is exceptional from other industrial LED display.

In this world of globalization and world of technology an effective communication helps people to ensure that instructions and guidelines can be addressed in much effective manner. Our industrial lines of OUTDOOR scrolling message signs are an excellent way to keep workers in touch with the ever changing industrial environment. The great benefit of it is that it can be used with PLC’s, PC’s and embedded controllers. Usage of ASCII commands will allow to add data strings to virtually any software code.

Product Description :

The Ethernet IP marquee sign revolutionizes the industrial market on how a marquees sign connect and communicate on the Rockwell Ethernet /IP network. The Ethernet IP marquee has a built in Web Server, eliminating the need to install software to program the marquee sign. Set up of display is as simple as opening a web browser on the computer as it does not require to install any software which used to be a hectic task for many . Here it just requires inserting the IP address of the marquee sign. With its fully integrated package, the Ethernet IP Marquee allows the user to configure and broadcast plc data and message information without programming communication blocks within the ladder logic code of the plc. The product’s innovation allows the user to set up the functionality of the marquee sign and simply connect to the Rockwell plc. The messages displayed on the marquee can be alarms, machine performance, or production data. These messages are selected and displayed through internal registers from the plc. The format of these registers can be any combination of bits, words, or strings. The Ethernet IP Marquee has an additional ethernet port built into the marquee sign. This second port gives the marquee the flexibility to broadcast information to any computer on the plant network through the web server. This computer can monitor production data and collect real time information from the plant floor by simply entering the IP address of the marquee.

Major benefits include:

• No software installation !!!!
• It brings excellent result in upsurge of communication sales.
• It is highly cost savings as it works on integrated mechanism that leaves no loopholes.
• It provides durability and gives different variants in sizes and available in 2”,4”,6”, 8” and 12 high characters. All models use long-life, red or amber LED’S.
• It provides higher visibility even from a distant & highly elevated places i.e is viewable from 400 to 500 feet.

Product Specifications:

• 1,2 and 4 line alphanumeric display
• Bright tricolor LED
• Display 2”,3 “ OR 4” character height
• 13 & 20 characters width
• 100,000 hour rated LED life
• Ideal to operate even in hot temperatures 0-55 C
• Metal housing ; Nema 1
• Hand held IR programmer
• 120 VAC power; 24 VDC (1 line model)
• Upgradable firmware (update to new features)

Types of Nema Marquee Displays

One line Displays
• 1-1/4”,2” characters
• Models with 12 to 24 characters per line
• Approximate viewing distance upto 100 ft

Two- line Displays
• 1-1/4”,2” characters
• Models with 12 to 24 characters per line
• Approximate viewing distance upto 200 ft