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Middleware Development

The more we are moving towards an age where broadened range of technology is knocking our doorstep and flexible in a way that challenges every new innovation. Decreasing timelines and costs and increasing attributes of products the development of middleware components which augurs well for the development of embedded systems. Photonplay offers middleware development service for many embedded systems. Embedded platforms for device power management, integrated audio and video codecs protocol development, and wireless integration and touch screen displays. Timelines cost and increasing product features, the development of middleware components holds the key element in the design of embedded systems.

Photon play experts in Middleware development :

            Expertise Tools
Media Framework Gstreamer,Stagefright,OpenMax,ffmpeg,live555,
Direct Show Filter
Test Framework  Windows CE Test Kit, CTS
Network/Protocol RTP,RTSP
Streaming Server Darwin, VLC
Industrial Profibus, Modbus, IEC metering device, Ether CAT
 Web HTML5,Javascript, CSS,AJAX, XML RPC, CGI(python,perl,php),PHP extensions on Apache 2 and lighttpd
Database Sqlite, MySQL and MS SQL
CODEC Integration H264, MPEG2- TS, MPEG4, MJPEG
WirelessDisplay Standards Chrome cast and DLNA


Functions of  Middleware

Applications use intermediate software that remains on top of the operating system and communication protocols to perform following functions:

  • It hides the discrete nature of the application. It represents a collection of interconnected parts that are operational and running in discrete locations, out of view.
  • It hides the heterogeneity of the enterprise. It includes the hardware components used, computer operating systems and communication protocols.
  • It reduces complexities of the application bringing all the features to a single interface which makes it a user-friendly prospect.
  • It helps to supply a set of common procedure to perform various common purpose functions to avoid duplicating efforts and to facilitate collaboration between applications.


Middleware Architecture Design


As the function of middleware is to mediate the interaction between the application parts, or between applications.The architectural design which induces performance penalties. Adaptable middleware introduces additional indirections, which makes the situation even worse. In addition, communication is a function of applications provided by middleware itself in which communication entities may take on different roles such as client- server or peer- to –peer.

Middleware Architecture Design

Works as a  Consolidator or Integrator :


It has been developed for decades to enable communicate between one application with another that either runs   on a different platform or comes from different vendor or both.

Hence, paves way for a systemic flow: