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Extensive Range Of Twitter Ticker Displays to display and scroll latest tweets

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Led Twitter Ticker Tape Display

PhotonPlay makes high quality LED displays and tickers which broadcast tweets from various twitter accounts in ticker display. The tweets are displayed in scrolling mode to show twitter existence to customers or passer-by. Live twitter feeds bring the audience news, offers and give them a chance to stay updated with trendy things. Businesses seeking to feature their company’s twitter existence can actually get benefitted by considering the LED twitter ticker display.

What is LED Twitter Ticker?

LED twitter tickers are a great way of providing viewers with live twitter feeds for your customers and clients. The interactivity and innovative designs of digital LED signs also consist of different LED twitter ticker displays. The LED tickers are widely been used to broadcast live twitter feeds to a large group of people. The tweets are displayed in real time with audacious scrolling text to create entertaining environments at several public locations. The interactive displays provide an active interacting medium that works in retail office, events, and provide updated information. The contents displayed on the screen can easily be regulated from the remote location through smartphone, laptop or PC.

Application of LED twitter ticker

Twitter is a highly popular source of communication and information for both the businessmen and customers. Displaying twitter feeds on large twitter ticker tape can be real useful for viewers. It allows operators and viewers to get connected to several companies, and brands they are following. These displays are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage and are accessible in a variety of dimensions to suit various requirements. By offering an active communication medium, the LED twitter ticker display works perfectly well in financial and retail offices.

Benefit of LED twitter ticker 

Many companies are using LED tickers to build their brand recognition and feature their twitter existence. Twitter has become a frequently used medium of information for both the business groups and their customers. The use of twitter ticker allows business leaders to know what public is saying about their products, events and new launches, and customers to connect with their brands, and events in real time. One can also display statistic advertisements and make more money through additional promotional materials

Why choose PhotonPlay as your LED twitter ticker partner?

PhotonPlay makes excellent LED tickers and signs that display live tweets and updates from a twitter account.  The LED tickers are flexible enough to be easily rested upright on a shelf or mounted on a wall. The software used treat tweets as streaming texts, highlighting a company’s twitter presence to the viewers and passer-by. The displays and tickers are manufactured with premium materials and provided with 7 years of warranty that assures lifelong capacity of more than two decades.


LED twitter ticker has gained a lot of popularity among the public as it is a rapid method to stay updated with the company and people you follow. The feeds can easily be controlled from remote location and customized as per client’s preferences.

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