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Ticker tape solutions with a versatile range of models for every scenario

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Led Ticker Tape

Ticker Tape displays can be used as messaging device to create relevant business environment providing upto date information on the relative markets in a live fashion. application are such as Stock Exchange data for Stock Brokers and university finance labs, Fashion retail outlets for display RSS news and fashion world updates from all major fashion magazines and brands directly, can be used as Sports ticker displaying sports world updates and scores from unlimited sources like fox sports, ESPN news, NBA, NFL, MLB, NASCAR etc.

Photonplay Tickering solutions utilises photonplay’s communication systems consists of multi servers present on two locations around the globe always in synchronisation with each and every device all the time.

Our ticker platform also provides capability of integrating the tickers with any third party datas like Reuters, Bloomberg or any third party software using our flexible level 1 and level 2 protocol interfaces.

Capabilities of display customer user messages make it compatible with almost every type of business even its a fashion showroom, a barber shop or a university finance lab.

Photonplay’s ticker solutions contains 6 different hardware specifications including rigid and flexible chassis in order to create almost any sort of interior with any break, even its a indoor or a outdoor application.

Led Ticker Tape Model(s) Specifications


6inch 9.6inch 12inch 24inch Custom
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Character Size 6” 9.6″ 12″ 24″ 4” to 36”
Usability indoor indoor indoor/outdoor outdoor indoor/outdoor
Color RGB RGB RGB RGB Single to RGB
Enclosure Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Mild steel Any
Max Length Any Any Any Any Any
Viewing Distance 55ft 120ft 180ft 340ft Any
Angles/Corners 45/90 deg 45/90 deg 45/90 deg 45/90 deg Any
Mounting Wall/Ceiling Wall/Ceiling Wall/Ceiling Wall/Ceiling Any
Power 110/220vAC 110/220vAC 110/220vAC 110/220vAC 110/220vAC

Ticker Tape Data Feeds


Out tickers are dynamic on data feed counts, we provide/refer a set of data feeds for various market segments like financial markets, World Headline news, market specific news (Retail News, Fashion news, Medical Industry News, Science News etc), weather forecast, Sports news, Entertainment news (Hollywood updates, Sports updates).

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