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Extensive Range Of Stock Ticker Displays For Financial Content

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Led Stock Ticker Tape Display

PhotonPlay deals in providing an extensive range of LED stock ticker display, and other variants of LED tickers that are made of premium raw materials to enhance both performance and durability. These LED tickets are available in different sizes where stock tickers LEDcan be modified as per the requirements of the clients. The market tickers can be easily installed and incorporated into the buildings and offices. The best thing about these tickers is they are flexible enough to get easily embedded into pillars, curved walls and other surfaces.

What is LED Stock Tickers

LED stock tickers are commonly known as scrolling LED displays that show latest stocks share prices and stocks and are often used in showing the specific financial services and latest developments. In market floors and dealing a room, this stock ticker displays are important as lot money can be made on the availability of proper information on these displays. They are specifically used to show live data, and the contents displayed are mostly scrolling modules with impactful messages. The main purpose of these scrolling scroll tickers is to provide crisp information at various transport points.

Application of LED Stock Tickers

The main objective of these LED stock tickers is to provide latest information of stock markets. These stock market ticker displays can also be used to show some kinds of flash animations or small size images in special occasions. The stock exchange ticker runs on programmable software that is capable of accepting live feed, stock market news and updates received from the exchange. They give a customized output according to the information received. The web-based interface can easily be accessed from PC, laptop or any smart devices.

Benefits of LED Stock Tickers

LED stock tickers are a way of providing information of stock markets in an efficient way. By using the contents received, the viewer can stay updates on the news displayed. The feeds displayed of stock ticker screen are normally provided in three ways: headlines with excerpts, headlines without excerpts and complete text feeds. Sometimes, they are also used to show various brand icons or logos of Directi group. For businesses dealing globally, the digital stock tickers are vitally important. Alongside displaying financial situations, LED tickers also display world time zones clocks. Globally acclaimed business need to learn the time in different countries they have partnered with, so they are always ready to trade.

Why Choose PhotonPlay as Your LED Stock Ticker Partner?

PhotonPlay is proud vendor of efficient LED stock tickers that are available at leading prices. Having gained experience of more than a decade, PhotonPlay is the leaders in the field of stock market displays and custom stock ticker.All ticker and customized displays are available in attractive design, catchy graphics and fonts.


PhotonPlay is committed to giving its client the best possible service through high quality ticker tape stocks and live stock market ticker. Committed to quality and excellent service, the company takes pride in offering cost effective signs and stock market scrolling tickers.

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