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Extensive Range Of Sports Ticker Displays For Live Sports Scores

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Led Sports Ticker Tape Display

PhotonPlay Systems Private limited is an enterprise known for its formidable record of offering sports ticker that soar high of both quality and durability. Leading its way as an eminent leader, Photon play takes pride in producing variable message signs and weather-proof LED sports tickers. Whether you want programmable contents, scrolling ticker sign, live RSS feeds or custom messages, every kind of content can be effectually displayed on PhotonPlay flexible and fixed sports tickers. The company has been acknowledged for its supreme quality products and excellent services in more than 12 countries. Having constructed the devices and displays that conform to International Standards, photonplay has only elevated the performance level of their LED sports ticker by compromising with anything but quality.

LED Sports Ticker Tapes

The sports ticker finds its use in sports bar, sports canteen and stadiums to broadcast latest scores and updates to a huge number of fans and supporters. LED tickers are a brilliant way to create enthralling sports watching atmosphere or display custom static or scrolling information to make the viewer’s aware of the latest scores. The classic look of informative contents displayed on the sports ticker tapes is nothing short of an epitome of beauty. Varying from sizes of few inches of several feet, these tickers are widely been used to set any environment ablaze and turn the colourless room to life.

LED Sports Ticker Applications

They are the best way to broadcast digital contents; exhibit all manner of information including scores, stats, and major sports coverage. They are the ultimate accessory for all sorts of sports bar, man cave and sports room. As the world is changing, running with modernisation, using led sports ticker for create ambience for real time sports updates and news is also the part of this modern era. Known for their easy installation and extremely high standard, these sport tickers are available in attractive designs. Photon Play supplies a wide variety of LED sport tickers that are available in both small and complex sixes. These tickers can also be used to run advertisements and make some money on investment.

Benefits of Installing Sports Ticker

LED sports ticker can be installed anywhere and enjoy RSS feeds that are directly integrated with display of ticker tape. The stream and stroll feature creates a wonderful environment and enhances the surrounding atmosphere to work in the synchronized content. These tickers are flexible yet powerful enough to withstand all sorts of weather condition. These LED tickers can work with both manual data and software programming where electronic scoreboard is linked for latest updates and scores. These are fully programmable and can be regulated with the linked PC, tablet or laptop through the custom made software.

Why Choose PhotonPlay as Your LED Sports Ticker Partner?

The LED sports ticker is considered the best alternative to watching sports, and leagues on television and creates a unique sport watching experience. PhotonPlay designs them in a way they require minimum maintenance and deliver high performances. Various bar owners;restaurants; man caves and casinos use them to display streaming live odds, games scores that include graphic and logos. LED tickers are completely controllable and one can choose which game to display. These electronic tickers are great medium to spread informative contents and keep your people under a regularly updated stream.

Photonplay LED sports ticker tapes have gained popularity and acknowledgement by featuring excellence in quality. The best feature about these tapes is their longevity and ability to get accustomed anywhere. More than that, the company gives out warranty of 7 years. PhotonPlay never runs out of variety. No matter which design, style of type of LED stickers you ask, the company ensures timely delivery of any design of stickers. When running out of money, worry not. You can also purchase these stickers on EMIs as well.

Sports Ticker Feed

Sports ticker is best way to stay informed with sports news, fantasy reports, odds for the games and injury reports. The LED sports tickers can be used for various sports including cricket scoreboard, football scoreboard, basketball, rugby scoreboard, equine sports and horse riding. Whether you want to watch live basketball scores, get updated with NFL football game scores and stats, or watch the postgame recaps, LED sports tickers are best medium to follow your favourite sports.


PhotonPlay extensive range of custom sticker, fonts and flexible designs can brighten the dullest of the space and attract any one from his dreams. The wide variety of contents to select from makes Photon the best LED ticker in the industry. These tickers can be accommodated for several requirements because of their flexibility, and highly customized software that offer the user to modify the software as per the requirement. Photon’s LED ticker tapes can be easily integrated with external systems as well, for example tablets, smartphones, and other audio systems.

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