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Flight information displays with a wide range of options with LED and LCD based FIDS solutions

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Led Based FIDS

A Passenger/Flight information display system (PIDS) are used at airports to display the real time flight information are used to display all flight information to co-passengers, in which a computer system controls display boards or Television screens in order to display arrivals and departures of flight information in real-time.

Led passenger information display system

The flight information displays are located at numerous locations of an airport. In large airports around the world, there are different types of FIDS for each type of terminal or even each major airline around the world.

PIDS/FIDS manufactured with Led matrix based technology, bale to communicate over network and 3G/4G data connectivity with ready to get integrated with database and third party server softwares.


Photonplay is involved in design, development and manufacturing of led based display systems with in-house metal fabrication, PCB design and assembly processes, firmware design and development as well as software design and development.

capabilities allows us to customise the passenger information display systems from hardware and software point of view upto to any extent as per the tender or user requirement.

with a experience of more than 9 years working with the world leaders like Thales, Siemens and HCL in integration, testing and commissioning of passenger information display systems for various projects around the globe.

In order to get started, lets have a conversation started with one of our system experts specialise in passenger information display systems for road, rail and air transit applications.