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Extensive Range Of Financial Ticker Displays For Financial Content

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Led Financial Ticker Tape Display

The ever evolving finance market is an area where things never remain static, and information requires to be displayed in real time. The LED financial ticker is a medium through which real time data are displayed in highly visual environment. The informative contents are shown in a strictly professional manner. PhotonPlay offers complete range of LED tickers solutions that are ideal for feeds and news from stock market. Also called as the financial news ticker, these displays can be customized in any shape or dimension.

Applications of LED Financial Tickers

Financial tickers have become a crucial tool to show finance market’s data and updated information received from the market. They don’t only help customers to know current status of the market but also allow them to display their company’s logo. They are useful in side-lines, exteriors of buildings, financial institutions, and end zones. PhotonPlay’s LED tickers are flexible enough to mount on the 360 Degree surface and to be placed on the curved applications. These tickers can be crafted to nearly any size and PhotonPlay offers thin, variant and sleek cabinets to fit in any space of your choice.

Benefits of LED financial ticker tape

Any sort of financial data, stock market news, and latest information can be presented through financial ticker display. PhotonPlay can interface to both the international or local sources to display the latest financial feeds to give user the ability to get updated with market situation. The ticker displays are useful for environment like stock brokers, auction houses, banks, dealer rooms, money exchanges and trading floors. These are flexible and easily accessible though remote sources.

Why choose PhotonPlay as your LED finance ticker partner?

PhotonPlay’s LED tickers are the perfect way to keep your employers and customers to stay updated with all financial information and stay abreast of the market data. These financial tickers come handy to make an outdoor environment exorbitant looking. Photon’s financial ticker tape performs better than other company’s ticker for they are built with premium quality raw material and programmed with high-end hardware. The smart tickering solution offered by PhotonPlay are good looking and sturdy build to last longer than you have expected.


If you are looking to advertise your business in the smartest possible way, and stay updated with market condition and about your business, PhotonPlay’s LED tickers may come extremely handy to you. Getting access to financial news is necessity and you can’t take the risk to lag behind.

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