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Industrial Automation Support

Industrial Automation is the modernized technology in the control systems such as robots or computers and information technologies for handling different processes and machinery in any industry to replace a human being. It is said to be the second step beyond mechanization in the scope of industrialization.

The sense and benefit of automation depends on the technical process (accessible/inaccessible) and the existing conditions (economically reasonable/ senseless). The automated degree of automation describes the extend of the processes included in the automation.

There is an urgent need to collect data for analysis from field devices and systems as competitive pressure grow. In order to look for increased productivity, operational excellence and regulatory compliance, optimal asset utilization to decrease downtime and safety-related incidents. Businesses get a competitive edge when analysis of data and insights from these fields get materialized.

Types of Operation

– On- line operation (open on-line operation) for a medium degree of automation

– Off-line operation (operation with indirect process connection) with the lowest degree of automation

– On- line closed-loop operation (closed on-line operation) for a higher degree of automation


Photonplay Industrial Automation and Controls (IAC) Solutions ensure the following benefits:

  • Resource Optimization to meet capital and compliance standards Automation of real-data gathering and multi-screen reports generation
  • Betterment of Health ,Safety and Environment (HSE) compliance by accurate reporting of and incidents through smart alert management
  • Real time Situation awareness, Workflow automation, Alarm Management and mobility solutions, lower operational downtime and increased efficiency with global views, alarm management
  • By Enabling Collaboration it boosts productivity and revenue, ERP integration minimization of cost and higher operational visibility, integration and higher operational visibility at local and central control centres .Energy, Healthcare, Natural Resources, Utilities, Automotive, Consumer Goods and Manufacturing Industries have used Wipro for a single-vendor approach to meet IAC needs

Our Services Include:

  • Real-time embedded and application Software designed and development for product support, product testing, prototyping, customizing .
  • Proactive, predicative and Remote Maintenance Management
  • Communication protocols and networking instrumentations
  • Analytics based on historian implementation

Visualization through friendly and intelligent end-user HMI, GUI etc.