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Flight information displays with a wide range of options with LED and LCD based FIDS solutions

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FIDS is an important application for passengers to get regular updates on LED Displays flight information to passengers. It is system based on LED Technology used in airports to display flight information to passengers, which controls mechanical or display boards or TV screens in order to display arrival and departures flight information in real-time.

FIDS is indeed an asset for aviation industry designed to provide airport management an important visual display system at airports to control and display critical information to the traveling public, airport tenants, and operational staff.

Relevance of Photonplay Flight Information Display System :

It is an LED Display System wherein passengers can rely on Display Systems having no two minds. So one can always expect it to give vital information where passengers can have information on finger-tips when the flight will depart. For even a split second, that can’t malfunction. So there is a need for a performance-oriented and trustworthy mechanism of LED- based Display System. To take care of all that nearly all airports incorporates Flight Information of world Display System. It is linked to Airport Operation Database (AODB) where the data of the airport is centrally stored. Such displays also help passengers to know the information of the world like weather forecasting or any breaking news which helps them to be flexible in their journey.

Photon play is way ahead in this race which ensures competency with others and known to be one of the leading manufacturers in supplying FIDS to the airport authorities. With Photoplay Software one has smart FIDS software to tackle any possible situation at airport.

There are mainly two softwares that support FIDS and add credentials to its values.

FIDS Software of Net Display Systems

1. PADS4

Suitable if FIDS is available for any industry-standard database format then probably all you require is PADS4 display software to distribute and display it.


It is used to operate the FIDS of all flights information that takes place at your airport.

Operations: It runs on Sun Solaris as the operating system and oracle as the RDBMS. Such products were chosen for their unprecedented success that leverage and represent the most advanced technological multimedia functionality. Digital Video Controllers (DVC) and the JAVA oriented (DJACO) that provides with state-of the-art multi-media functionality and flexibility to the airport.

Benefits with FIDS System:-

Quick & Accurate Integration with the present infrastructure
Low Operational and Installation Cost
Fulfills Cost-saving Agenda as it does not require dedicated hardware
Understandable and Intuitive Visualization
Perfect for Small and Big Airports

Benefits associated with that:

• Saves passengers time as they have prior notification about next
• Swiftness and Accuracy are the norms
• Maximum no. of passengers checked simultaneously
• Gives proper guidance to Immigrants in global language

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