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Energy (Oil & Gas)

Oil and Gas 

The inevitable increasing demand for Oil and Gas products has brought organizations to face to face with exceptional opportunities and challenges across the upstream, midstream and downstream operations.

Globalization and the supreme demand and supply market forces have urged organizations to recognize new assets for exploration while increasing productivity at existing oil and gas fields. Cross border regulations and environmental sustainability enforces organizations to safeguard their business interest.

With our onshore and offshore operations have enabled our clients achieve their business objectives with high satisfaction. We align all our resources may it be manpower, processes and technological excellence to enable our customers inherit accurate data and take timely and informed decisions by implementing transparency over the enterprise and distribution channel.

Our dedicated teams and industry expert analytics offer excellence across a variety of operations like geographic information system, hydrocarbon accounting, risk management, pipeline management, exploration and production, refining and marketing, and alternative energy.

With our automation, optimization and integration expertise the information and data flows seamlessly from your oil and gas assets to operation and trading management system enabling enterprises to harness business insights, explore business opportunities and streamline operations. Our oil and gas practices optimize the utilization of existing oil and gas assets, our automated workflow solutions discards repetition of effort and reduce business risks enhances productivity while minimizing cost of operations.

We partner with your team leveraging your reengineering process in transforming your business operations to optimize production implement strategies and accelerate time to market.

Photonplay services:


  • Reservoir engineering
  • Drilling operations management
  • Digital oil field
  • Upstream data management
  • Production optimization
  • Production surveillance
  • Hydrocarbon accounting and production reporting
  • Petro technical support and integration
  • Geographic information system


  • Pipeline scheduling and optimization
  • Pipeline integrity management
  • Integrated asset management
  • Energy trading and risk management


  • Integrated refinery information system
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Retail, point-of-sale systems, and loyalty card management


  • Talent and learning management
  • Environment, health, and safety management
  • Oracle preconfigured solutions
  • Smart oilfield services solution


  • Engineering data management

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