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Led Display and signs for Commercial, Industrial and Corporate needs

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Electronic Led Signs

In today’s competitive world, it is mandatory to look unique and different so effective and eye catchy signage is essential. In order to achieve exclusivity among your competitor, you need a right media with right technology.
Our range of Displays for Businesses and corporate floors includes Indoor and Outdoor variants.

led-programmable signs

Photonplay’s digital led display boards and electronic message centers are the revolutionary ways to communication between Company and their customers & employees.

Photonplay’s Electronic display series is design in order to fit Commercial, Industrial and Corporate applications, starting from window displays for stores & restaurants, Industrial message displays for production floors, mining sites, warning signs, emergency message centers to Video billboards and totem signs.
Choose from the range of Indoor and Outdoor display board systems.

Programmable Led Signs

Programmable Led signs and matrix display for Commercial signage needs for retail shops, gas stations, store fronts etc. with a wide range of color options, custom sizes and various display options like Video display, monochrome, tricolor display outputs.

Industrial Led Marquees 

Led Signs for industrial applications such as Production line health monitoring, Andon displays, Factory displays, Industrial POE clocks, Environmental parameter displays, Industrial Scoreboards etc.

Scrolling Led Signs

Led Signs for marquee applications such as awareness messages, in house communication with employees, general information and reminders, emergency warning signs to display Tornado warnings, earthquake warnings, weather forecast, led scrolling signs are mostly used to flash text informations.

Custom Projects

Custom applications like artistic designs, curved signs, exhibition concepts, circular signs and screens, custom communication options, integrate ready on RS232, LAN network or GPRS #G connectivity etc, we always welcome any sort of custom application for all your signage needs.