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Large Digital Wall for industrial and commercial applications

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Industrial Clocks

Time is money indeed it is! So one has to keep pace with time in order to reach destined goals it is applicable everywhere be it a small entity or a massive organization. Although distances are shortened and allowed folks to spread across continents to work in a team. But it is almost next to impossible to alter the rotation of earth which led to different time zones in the entire world. That brought the idea of World Digital Clocks.

Digital Clocks are type of clocks that displays the time digitally and have multiple features that gives vital information about date, temprature, humidity level and wind flow and even milliseconds that holds a great significance basically in marathon races. It works different to an analog clock where rotating hands moves to display the time.
Timers are instruments to measure intervals of time. It can be categorized in two main types.

Types of Timers:

1) Stopwatch- The time that counts upwards from measuring or elasped time is a stopwatch.
2) Timers- A device that counts down and operate in a reversed way as compared to stopwatch.

It has different variations now because of business needs:

World Time Zone Clocks

This clock displays all the time zones in a continent or countries. It is majorly used in MNC’s and oversees call centres to incorporate in the business schedule.


It stands for Power Over Ethernet (POE) and used in various organizations. It draws both power and time updates from your organization’s Ethernet connection. It has an 18-gauge, black powder coated steel enclosure and comes in different variations. These clocks are energy-efficient which nullifies the usage of AC receptable and batteries.

Advantages of (POE ) Digital clocks

• It is energy -efficient hence are environment-friendly.
• It has high visibility quotient and can be seen from longer distances and available in variable sizes.
• It is available in red or green 2.5 inch or 4 inch digits and even has buzzer option which is of real advantage.


• Uses an SNTP server as a time source.
• Gives both 12 and 24 hour time display with AM/PM indicators
• Easy to install with initial wall mounting and set up
• Ideal for any time zone
• Supports standard Daylight Saving Time.

Industrial Factory Clocks

Industrial Factory Clocks are designed to maximize the productivity across all distribution channels. Its’ a well-known fact that ensures success of a business and is often determined with efficiency of work.

• Synchronization of such clock allows employees for consistency and effective time management skills.
• Uses the built in timers to track events on the factory floor.
• Broadcast to phones and speakers throughout the factory at once.
• Broadcasting of information on door monitoring and factory door sensors.

Event Counters and Timers

It is completely based on embedded technological systems. In some cases a timer is embedded to measure elapsed time. A typical timer consists of prescale, an N-bit timer/counter register (typically N is 8,16,32 bits), one or more N-bit compare registers. There are control and status registers to configure and monitor the timer.