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Device Driver Development

It is a program that controls the functioning of a device. Everyday we come across peripherals such as printer, , keypad, LCD display unit or an internal device such as timer, must have a driver.

Device Driver Development Service on various leading platforms and processors. We have vast experience in device driver development for various I/O devices, porting of for various operating systems and embedded devices and in integration of several peripherals such as audio, video, buses, wireless, connectivity,UI sensors and others.

Development Process :

  • This phase starts with cycle of editing –testing and debugging.
  • Processor and hardware are fixed as soon as they are fixed, the application software codes have to be perfected by a no. of runs and tests
  • There is an irony here the cost of processor is quite small, the cost of developing a final targeted system is extremely high
  • It needs a larger time frame than the hardware circuit design


Here is a list of various drivers :

Auto Drivers Speech/Audio Codec, SPDIF, MIDI,PCM/
dual Codecs, class-D amplifier chipsets
Video Drivers Video Codecs,WDM Driver for Video streaming
Camera Drivers Support different resolutions  and frame rates
Camera controls; Runtime configurations like dynamic range ,focus, frame , resolution etc.
ISP DATA Processing Color correction,interpolation,2D/3D noise filter,Auto exposure and white-balancing
Display Drivers HDMI,Composite,Component,DVI,LVDS,MIPI,S-Video,LCD,VGA varying from 480P to 1080p supporting different frames.
Storage Device Drivers CompactFlash,NANDFlash,NOR Flash,SATA,SDMemory,MMC,Emmc,EEPROM,USB Mass Storage,Disk-on-chip Card Reader
Connectivity device


USB 1.1,Ethernet,CAN,IR


Wireless Drivers GPS,GSM/2G/3G/HSDPA/LTE,W-LAN,802.11a/b/g,FM, Bluetooth,Zigbee,NFC
User Interface Drivers Touch Screen, Finger Print Scanner,Graphics controller
Other Drivers Accelerometer,PowerManagement,ADC,DMA, Buzzer, UART,Various other Sensors



Development of device drivers has never been an easy task. It comes as result of immense expertise and patience. We here at Photonplay got an ideal mix of young talented complemented by a mature research group that undertakes the activity of developing device drivers .It is  based on precise knowledge and  understanding of how drivers interact with the or kernel, or the operating system our team develops drivers for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Photonplay is a leading in customizing display solutions. We offer porting services and modifications for existing device drivers offering maximum compatibility with or hardware platforms or operating systems. We foster a dynamic development environment that follows source and stringent quality checks code integrity guidelines.

Whether it is kernel level programming for embedded solutions or interfacing peripherals, Radix offers guaranteed quality output. Our professionals love challenges and take the challenge to plunging into a demanding task.