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Key factor empowered the growth of Photonplay Group of companies

Business Excellence

Excellence in Business

A key factor empowered the growth of Photonplay group of companies since day one of its establishment, and influence the well established name in the industry and proved a strong business excellence globally.

Excellence is a custom in every operation involved in business and execution at the Photonplay group and Photonplay group’s companies are empowered by a team of professional in any new and existing process to achieve world-class standards in all aspects of operations.


Photonplay group companies use the enhanced version of the standard Business Excellence Model, which contains basic guidelines of the standard models been used with the enhancement empowered by out excellence team which monitors all our minor and major operation involved in organisation activities as well as the customer oriented operations too. Inherited from the proven Malcolm Baldrige model, Photonplay encourages continuous enhancements through a regular audits and monitoring of benchmarking and assessment.


The Photonplay initiative falls under the aegis of Photonplay Business Excellence Group, an in-house organisation mandated to help different Photonplay companies achieve their business excellence and improvement goals.


The Photonplay Business Excellence Conference (PBE) is a platform that awards and brings forward the spartans of excellence in Photonplay Group Worldwide offices. Experts and achievers speak on opportunities and challenges.