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Bus Transit Solutions

Bus Transit Solutions – The Smart Way To Interact With The Passengers

Viewed by lots of people regular on five continents, Photonplay’s displays are ready for information change about the globe. We are a globe leader in communication methods and display machineries, transit, helping the traffic, industrial, also municipal markets. All acute design and production purposes are performed by our expert employees.

As a developer in the LED display trade, Photonplay has been identical with brilliance for over several years. Endless research in electronic, software, and mechanical strategy has led us to develop a world frontrunner in communication systems also display technologies. We persistently innovate to take our clients the modern solutions with the suppleness that fulfills their needs.

Beginning as the developer of the leading Bus transit solutions, we now provide a full variety of bus solutions reaching from the simple LED to LCD-TFT, also from software to hardware.

Our bus LED destination sign has an unmatched visual influence. Over high definition characters, 120° horizontal reflectivity, and automatic illumination control, the electronic signs are simply visible night and day and in several weather situations. They are constructed to be equally lightweight and low-cost to maintain due to the removal of moving parts as well as the long life of LED.

In our Bus transit solutions, bus LED destination sign is portion of a complete and modular passenger info system. This LED displays may be connected through an audio system also a multimedia LCD-TFT monitor method can be castoff to display next-stop and route development info, service advisories, and in cooperation still and video promoting.

The bus next-stop sign offers bus passengers by the location of the following stop on this LED display in one color otherwise two colors of massage. These types of Bus transit solutions display may be installed with the audio voice announcement system to be capable to serve together the hearing and visually handicapped.

 The next-stop sign workings autonomously of the bus driver by GPS, an electronic gyroscope, plus an odometer in grouping with a pre-programmed road map. Built-in analytics permit the system to work even while the GPS indication is lost.

Another Bus transit solutions of us is on-board multimedia Passenger Info System displays multimedia content comprising images, text, video, animations, and audio on the LCD-TFT monitor. Content potentials variety as of next stop announcements to provision advisories to the video ads. The Infotainment Method keeps everybody on board informed around the next stop in addition to the bus’s location along the route, comprising the hearing and visually handicapped.

Our Bus transit solution’s LCD-TFT monitor may be configured on behalf of double-sided, single-sided or side-by-side seeing. This multimedia Passenger Info System may be managed liberated of the motorist and associated to a central controller over GPRS, Wi-Fi, and parallel wireless formats. The central supervisor is capable to accomplish the content for all individual line, bus, or the entire system consuming the comprised Photonplay’s Multimedia Manager.

We consider that a pleased customer is the best promoting we can have. Our consumer service team is dedicated to offering timely advice plus assistance of both software and hardware, comprising through remote desktop provision. Support appeals are managed in our online care center.

With our mechanical department, including electronic, mechanical, Bus transit solutions and software engineers, joined with our full challenging laboratory, Photonplay’s teams work composed to solve the industry’s hardest display and interact challenges. Few of our latest inventions comprise low power machinery displays and announcement protocols that improve the extendibility and modularity of our systems. Our mechanical engineers are always researching areas like lower power ingesting, ecological resistance, and systems integration. And even though the technologies are constantly changing, we still have the similar attention to excellence and aspect we’ve had for several years.