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Bus Transit Display

We Photonplay systems, delivering a wide range of world class bus solutions ranging from on-board to stationary, from simple LED to attractive LCD-TFT high resolution display module, from hardware to software and from installation to maintenance. Some of our popular products in bus transit applications are:-

Next Stop Displays
Next stop display provides the next stop details to the boarding passenger within the bus. The system can be installed inside the bus for the ease of the passengers and to facilitate onboard convenience to the riders and the current visual format is monochromatic as well as multicolour with audio announcement to help physically challenged passengers. The attribute that makes it popular as it is equally helpful for people who are visually impaired as it has audio announcement system.
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Next Stop Display

Bus Shelter Display Systems
This display is for the passengers who are boarding from the bus shelter. You can show the bus schedules or other important information regarding ticket fares and discounts or news feeds.
You can use basic LED or high definition display boards of any size as per your requirements. It is a single system control providing audio or visual information to passengers. This Display System is meant to provide information in-hand like schedule or fares and distance before boarding from any bus shelter.
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Bus Shelter Display Systems

Bus Destination Display Systems
Destination information and other advertisements can be played in-front or side of bus body. We are providing a suitable solutions that can match multiple requirements in a single display boards, Photonplay Display systems are built for Harsh, Humid and Dusty environment. Generally, there are two types of external display panels that show the schedule of the Bus, ETA, ETD, etc to the passenger on the ground. It can be employed front, side & back of a bus
The visual format depends upon the client’s requirement but we are providing simple LED solutions and LCD-TFT high resolution, automatic brightness control mechanisms, 120 degree horizontal visibility and other font’s settings.
Basic components
• Front, Side, Rear & Inside Displays
• Console Unit
• Audio Announcement System
These display panels are conducive for all sort of weather conditions and, durable theft proof and are water proof. It has built-in Battery backup. It is available in variety of modes including fixed, scroll and alternate mode.
Photonplay products yield maximum visibility, from all angles, in all lighting conditions.

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bus destination signs

Bus Stop/Shelter Displays-

Bus stop system can provide you not only bus schedules at each bus stop but this can be also used for multiple purposes like advertisements or news or any notice regarding bus solutions for your passengers.
The display boards is available on simple LED in single colour or in multi colour as well as in LCD-TFT module for better resolutions and clarity.
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Bus Stop Shelter displays