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Bus Queue shelter Displays for passenger guidance

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Bus Shelter Display Systems

This display is for the passengers who are boarding from the bus shelter. You can show the bus schedules or other important information regarding ticket fares and discounts or news feeds.

You can use basic LED or high definition display boards of any size as per your requirements.

Bus stop system can provide you not only bus schedules at each bus stop but this can be also used for multiple purposes like advertisements or news or any notice regarding bus solutions for your passengers.

To confirm bus schedules to the passengers we are providing multiple display formats and can be installed in walls, poll or in ceiling. We are providing maximum rows and columns to display full bus schedule in single board at a time.

The display is designed to have its maximum usability. The display system can play animated videos or can be used in advertisements or news feed for passengers. The system has the Capability of maximum fonts supports and have real time display.

The system is attached with wifi/Bluetooth and GPS facility to have real time wireless data transfer.

The display boards is available on simple LED in single colour or in multi colour as well as in LCD-TFT module for better resolutions and clarity. Multiple installations options like wall mounting, poll hanging or ceiling supports

 Well designed hardware that goes years without the need of maintenance and compatible with environmental changes i.e.; temperature etc.

The system communication is through RS 485/RS232 and is also equipped with GPS to display real time information of arrival time and departure time of busses from their respective stations.

Bus stop Display Systems facilitates passengers relying on the timeframe for bus arrivals, at every stop. It helps to increase ridership and boost avenue and helps to combat confusion and frustration.

It can provide you not only bus schedules at each other bus stop but can also be used for multiple purposes like advertisements and newspapers or notice regarding bus solutions for your passengers.


Key Functions

• Constant updates for destinations, arrivals and departures
• Synchronisations of text and/or graphics with audio enhancements
• Announce service disruptions or emergencies
• Displays Courteous and Helpful Information and current time

Design Specifications

• Safeguarded from Vandalism
• Sealed for pressure washing and tough weather conditions
• Variable options in different sizes
• Designed to show ADA-compliant text heights
• Integrated with third-party software and GPS system
• Network with other Displays and Controller

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