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Destination signs to guide the commuters

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Bus destination display systems

Destination information and other advertisements can be played infront or side of bus body. We are providing a suitable solutions that can match multiple requirements in a single display boards.

The visual format depends upon the client’s requirement but we are providing simple LED solutions and LCD-TFT high resolution, automatic brightness control mechanisms, 120 degree horizontal visibility and other font’s settings.

Smart lightweight LED, LCD-TFT flexible display boards with advanced surface mounting capability that is highly appreciated for bus destination display boards. The system can display single to multiline moveable messages which can be managed through our well developed embedded suites. The display font is highly optimized to have a better display quality independent of environmental dependencies i.e.; temperature, humidity etc.

Product Features

  • Efficient Maintenance

Optimized hardware design that reduces its weight and can be maintain at minimal power consumption. The flexible cabinet hardware improves its surface mounting mechanism and reduces hardware support dependencies.

  • Enhanced Visual format

Automatic intensity control according to the variation of daylight.  Improved visual formats through our well developed software that adjusts brightness, contrast and other visual specification with the help of attached environmental sensor in the display system.

  • User friendly GUI to set destination, arrival time, departure time with LCD and keyboard.
  • Sufficient internal memory to store more than 150 routes and can be modified later on as per requirement.
  • Attached GPS system to enhanced the accuracy of destination arrival time and departure time.
  • The display system can be mounted on back, front, side for multiple implementation other then destination details like advertisement and playing animated videos.

System Specification

  •  Brightness: White 8000 cd/m2 Amber 3000 cd/m2
  • Operating voltage: 24 VDC (10 to 32 VDC)
  • Viewing angle (H/V): 120°/120°
  • Pixel pitch (W x H): 9,525 mm x 9, 525 mm
  • Temperature range: -20 to +65 °C
  • Data communication: RS-485 / RS-232

Product categories

  • Ticker800x205x45

Dimension (W x H x D): 800 x 205 x 45 mm

Active Area: 762 x 152.4 mm

Power Consumption: White 39 W Amber 55W

  • Ticker 1k170x205x45

Dimension (W x H x D): 1170 x 205 x 45 mm

Active Area: 1143 x 152.4 mm

Power Consumption: White 57 W Amber 82W

  • Ticker 2k65x205x45

Dimension (W x H x D): 2065 x 205 x 45 mm

Active Area: 2095.5 x 152.4 mm

Power Consumption: White 93 W Amber 134W

  • Ticker 420x205x45

Dimension (W x H x D): 420 x 205 x 45 mm

Active Area: 381 x 152.4 mm

Power Consumption: White 21 W Amber 29W

Basic components

  • Front, Side, Rear & Inside Displays
  • Console Unit
  • Audio Announcement System

These display panels are conducive for all sort of weather conditions and, durable theft proof and are water proof. It has built-in Battery backup. It is available in variety of modes including fixed, scroll and alternate mode.
Photonplay products yield maximum visibility, from all angles, in all lighting conditions.

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