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Application Testing Service


Organization today need to move onwards to a more complex allocation landscape as their end users are increasingly taken to consumerization through technologies such as mobility, cloud and analytics.Thus, a need for them to put in place combination of enterprise applications, commercially-off the -shelf (COTS) products and in-house software infrastructure. To ensure a flawless user experience and assuring quality of such a complex landscape of utmost importance.

How Photon play facilitate application testing?

Photon play testing service helps you to excel and giving business resilience by providing solutions that integrate in-depth industry insights, future-ready processes, and technologies. Emphasis on testing holds the key for a flawless delivery of products as it is a critical phase.

We combine our centers to bring deliverable excellence with domain-specific testing tools, techniques and processes to:

  • Provide flexibility, quick time to market and make businesses CAPEX light
  • Optimize quality standards of application by bringing in shift-left approach to
  • Quality Engineering & Quality Assurance
  • Adapt regulatory and compliance changes like FATCA, Dodd -Frank ,IDC 10, HL7 and BASEL
  • Matches the pace of disruptive trends and cater to both old and new world applications

Custom Application Testing Services integrate and automate testing for all application types, on many different devices and platforms.

  • Implement better quality and development time frames through reusable test cases and automation expertise
  • Ensure the predictability & feasibility of application performance through the use of Photoplay Industry standard methodology
  • Provide a single point liability for testing and governance of changes carried out by individual suppliers to a multi-supplier application portfolio.

Domain Expertise:

  • Consumer and lifestyle Electronics
  • Navigation Systems
  • Assistive Technology
  • Wearable Electronics
  • Multimedia and Infotainment Systems
  • Home and Industrial Automation Solutions
  • Telecom and Networking Systems
  • Device Drivers & BSPs Validation
  • Validation suites for Production
  • Evaluation Module for new chipsets

Skill Set:

  • Tools- RTRL, LTP CANTATA ++, Android Code Test Harness Sourcery, IAR Embedded Workbench ITBOK suite to test peripheral interfaces on hardware
  • Protocols: USB, Ethernet ,RS-422,UART Bluetooth, Wifi, Zigfee
  • Languages: C, Perl, Python, TTL,XML, C++ Shell Script, Socket Programming
  • OS: Linux, Android,WinCE

Our key focus area include:

  • Delivery of solutions with and approach based on Co-creation and Co-innovation of solutions
  • Partnership of Synergistic ecosystem for future
  • Improving customer penetration and joint global go to market