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Leaders in PIDS and FIDS with LED and LDC based signage solutions with CE and UL approved products

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Photonplay provides numerous display sizes that can be used for the display of flight information.

Typically used above check-in tables, in depart lounge and arrival lounge, at entry/exit gates and within departure and arrival halls, Photonplay’s Professional Displays offer unrivalled reliability and unmatched consistency and are specifically designed for continual for use of 24 hours a day 365 days of the year*.

Flight Information Display system of a Photonplay has the minimal amount of power consumption in the industry, significantly reducing airport’s operating costs.

Flight Information Display System

Led Based PIDS-

Led based display for passenger information displays are more versatile, visibly bright and exclusive due to the direct use or led diodes as a display element, due to high sharpness and brightness led based passenger information displays are getting used as majority nowadays.

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Led passenger information display system

Check-in Counter Display Systems-

Check-in counter displays are used overhead check-in counters, indicating category, airline names, open/close informations, check-in counter displays plays a vital role in passenger routing and equal distribution of traffic along available gates with the dynamic

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Check-in counter displays

LCD-TFT Based Displays-

A flight information display system (FIDS) used in airports are used to display all flight information to co-passengers, in which a computer system controls display boards or Television screens in order to display arrivals and departures of flight information in real-time.

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Passenger information display systems

Key benefits of Photonplay-

1) Modular, sleek and slim design so you choose which features you can include and very much customisable.
2) Easy integration with almost any hardware and software systems you may already have.
3) Advance and every possible functionality for an awesome passenger experience possible.

Any type of data is integrate-able with our home grown software and further our team of highly qualified engineers can make display devices compatible.